Thursday, March 14, 2013

coasters, bingleys, darcys, and jack

"You admit that you were in the wrong?"
"Utterly and completely."
"Then... I have your blessing?"
"Do you need my blessing?"
"No. But I should like to know I have it all the same."
- bingley and darcy, pride and prejudice '95
- my Dad and siblings hiked the trail up to Monticello yesterday, and walked around the giftshop a little bit afterwards. And Maddie saw something that she thought I might like…or that they would like me to have. Either way. It's a coaster, a rather cute one that's in my favorite colors. *cough* Precious, right?
- something church-related that cracks me up. It's too much of an inside joke to share on here, but it needs to be commemorated. Excuse me while Katie H and I go off in a laughing fit…..*hahahaha* *snort*
- putting the car in drive instead of reverse and very nearly sending our voice teacher's car off a cliff. good thing our little Highlander can stop on a dime. *facepalm*
- realizing after I'd left the house that I was wearing the same sweater that I slept in. Well, well.
- driving around in circles downtown AGAIN. I thought I had this down. Apparently not. Doesn't matter. Guess it's natural to live a place your life and not know where the streets go.
- realizing that Caroline (who turned 12 on Sunday) will be a teenager next year. And then we'll have FOUR teenagers at once. Mindblowing. But here's the catch: only for six months. And then I turn 20. SAY WHAAAA??!?!?! Yes, I'm turning twenty next year. *passes out*

- practicing for the talent show tomorrow. Catherine and I are singing a song from Newsies with our dear Sarah accompanying us, I'm playing piano for the Case children (singing "Come Thou Fount"), and then our bible study is doing a skit called "Got Love?" Full schedule, I'm telling ya.
- spring is practically here! I spent a good hour or so outside on Tuesday just enjoying the sunshine and hiding out on top of the slide so I wouldn't get dog slobber all over my journal.

- there was an extra coloring sheet during art center activity yesterday. so I colored a Newsie Bugsie. Because I'm super cool like that. My students were rather impressed. *chuckle*

 - watching through "The Long Pride and Prejudice" with my sisters. Folks, there really is not a better movie on the planet. Other than Les Mis. Anyway. I had completely forgotten how utterly brilliant this film, this story, these actors are. Watching everyone figure themselves out never gets old. We like draaaawwwwinggg it out so we can enjoy it longer - it's been a week and we're finally on the last episode - but just about 1/3 way through that. I know, we're pathetic. But isn't it just the best spring movie ever? *sigh*

gahhh can't even handle the pictures <3 <3 <3

- that wonderful feeling when you complete a project and think, "Yes. I did it."
- rehearsals for Annie in full swing! Two a week for me - yay for being single-cast. Actually I have one tonight. This show is actually quite fantastic - never been one of my favorites, but it's super fun to do, and I'm glad that now I can say, "I have been in Annie."
- going to see Into the Woods at Four County Players on Sunday afternoon before rehearsal, and then Les Miserables at CHS next weekend. Both should be quite entraining…in their own way *grin*

And your talent for the week…the super talented JackJack Scott, who is currently on Broadway as a swing in Newsies, singing Bobby Darin's classic "Beyond the Sea."

Hope everyone is well, and adjusting to daylight savings….I'm still feeling extra sleepy and thrown off. It's just an hour…how hard can it be? Golly. But I'm enjoying the longer days, the sunrise on my way to work, light in my window at 7pm, everything. Spring, I'm ready when you are!

Happy Thursday!

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