Monday, March 25, 2013

in the kitchen: vietnamese.

you may remember when Alicia came and prepared a delicious korean meal for us back in january. well, not to be outdone, Dao cooked Vietnamese for us this weekend - completely different methods of preparation, but the result being just as yummy. Afterwards, we stayed up late hanging out and playing Settlers of Catan - a wonderful visit all around!

Dao taught us how to make the broth and boil the dumplings in case we ever wanted to make them again on our own.

Alicia's handy-dandy electric teapot kept us well-supplied with all the boiling water needed to cook the dishes.

spring rolls - these aren't fried like the ones Alicia made, but instead you cook the meat first, then roll it with lettuce and mint and cilantro in clear spring roll wrappers and then *presto* they're ready to serve!

dumplings. we had to put little spoonfuls of the meat mixture inside, then pinch the edges to keep them from opening when they were boiled. Sort of like mini-wontons. But not. 

The dumplings went on top of noodles, then the chicken/shrimp broth was poured over it all. WOW. Thanks SO much for cooking for us, Dao and Alicia! It was great fun. Can't wait for next time…. :)

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