Saturday, March 2, 2013

now I cannot EVER be free.

yes that is a phantom reference in the post title.
Date March 2, 2013
Starting time 7:49am
Moodrelaxed and waking up slowly
Outside my windowa day that's gray and lonely, but that's okay 'cause today's going to be fun!
I'm thinkingthat I need to get back to New York City ASAP.
I'm currently reading… The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot
I'm listening togood morning music :)
I'm wearingmy pajamas since it's too early to get out of bed on a Saturday
I'm looking forward tohair day (which is today) and our first Annie rehearsal (which is tomorrow!). We did get our cast list, and I have two parts (an Act 1 role, and an Act 2 role) which is pretty sick. I'm REALLY excited.
I'm hopingto take my siblings to see Newsies before most of the original cast rotates off (which is definitely coming sooner rather than later since they just had an open audition for the ensemble)
Yesterday, Ifilmed a movie with my siblings, and we got ten new chickens - four hens and six chicks. Yes, we're crazy. We now have nineteen hens and two roosters. 
I'm hungry forwaffles. but if I want them, I have to make them. And I'm too lazy to move.
The song stuck inside my head isevery fansie's favorite line from Newsies: "the poor guy's HEAD is spinning" which makes me happy inside 'cause I saw Ben do it FOR REAL on Wednesdaystill processing that.
I lovemy parents. Not just because they took me to New York City.
I loathethat NYC is so far away.
This week, my goal isbe productive. And not pretend I'm still on Broadway.
Did I meet last week's goal?ummm…YES.
Picture(s) of the Weeka sneak peek at the NYC trip. More to come, I promise, and I'll tell you who the people are too (hint - they're all actors/actresses who are/have been in Broadway shows)

Ending time8:07am


  1. This post made me happy. However, NYC is a lot closer to you than it is for me! :P

    You saw Ben do that line for real and I'm still jealous. ;)

    Have a happy Saturday and a wonderful weekend!

  2. I have yet to be familiar with Newsies, but from the way your fangirling, I'm guessing it's good. :)
    Also, I can't wait to see pictures of your NY trip. NYC makes my heart go pitter-patter. <3