Thursday, March 28, 2013

seder night.

- feeling absolutely miserable, but going to work anyway because you need the money more than rest.
- going to the dentist with a cold. Can't breathe through your mouth 'cause someone's got their fingers in it, can't breathe through your nose 'cause it's all blocked up.
- "sooo, you went to see the play twice in one weekend, then watched the movie?"….I just really like Les Mis, okay?
- random power outages during bedtime routine
- thinking for one awful second - as I'm sitting in the car in her driveway - that my voice teacher was on spring break, then realizing that it's NEXT week. whew.
- having a hard time matching pitch at said voice lesson because of said cold.

- the Les Mis DVD arrived on Friday. We watched it on Sunday evening, because…
- we saw Charlottesville High School perform Les Miserables on Friday night, and it was so good we went back on Sunday afternoon. Yes, we love this musical.
- Annie rehearsals coming along - I can't believe that after spring break we'll have only six full weeks before we start tech rehearsals
- our next show is Oklahoma! And even though I'll be in Colorado for nine weeks right during rehearsals, our director is working around me so I'll probably still be able to do it *yay*
- a lovely hour and a half visit with a dear elderly friend last night before church. It had been waaaay too long! Such a blessing.
- Atlas Coffee. I LOVE patronizing local businesses, and since Starbucks stands for so much that I don't, Atlas is a wonderful alternative. And it's two minutes from work. SCORE.
- Passover Seder tonight! I love that we celebrate it on Thursday before Resurrection Sunday…the same night as Christ's Last Supper. The significance is overwhelming.

talent of week:
I'm a Les Mis mood, so enjoy this audio of "The Confrontation" with Ramin Karimloo as Valjean, and Hadley Fraser as Javert. This duo is matchless.

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