Monday, March 11, 2013

the crafty side // the dorm bathroom

It has been said that our bathroom and bedroom resemble a college dorm. *cough* And I do not believe it was meant as a compliment. Oops.

That said, it is true that with four teenage/tweenage girls sharing a room, the amount of clothes and makeup and hair products and washcloths and toothpaste and shoes and purses and school supplies that accumulate on the floor and in the closet on a daily basis is pretty staggering. I, for one, have a little shelf in the bathroom to store my jewelry and hygiene supplies, and it's also home to our nail polish…and more often than not, I can barely find anything in the jumbled mess that's there.

Over the past couple months, Maddie and I have used Pinterest and google searches to find efficient ways of keeping the chaos under control. Here are some of our more successful projects:
earring storage - via pinterest
we used burlap mounted inside old picture frames - no painting required. my assorted studs and earring backs are in that itty bitty clear glass bowl on top of the set of drawers.

i received this adorable little chest of drawers for Christmas when I was eleven. the bottom drawer is completely broken and therefore is just decorative, but the other drawers are handy-dandy for storing all sorts of thing (not always as labeled, but hey.) my makeup is in that floral travel bag to the left - just the easiest way for me to keep it all together.

for medicines and hygiene products, i use a office drawer organizer, much like this one so that all the bottles stay standing up. If I need something, I can just slide it off the shelf without knocking everything else over *not that i would…*

my shelf. the basket was on sale, $3 at Michael's, and holds all our nail polish perfectly. plus the basket adds character to an otherwise boring shelf.

a sweet little vintage candy plate is the current home of my necklaces. ehhhh….here's to hoping they find new accommodations soon. *wry grin* looks pretty, but prone to tangles.

this shallow drawer in our bathroom drives me NUTS 'cause it's not deep enough for anything but toothbrushes, and random assorted flossers and soap dishes, but I did find I can store my new curling irons and borrowed flat iron (thanks Bekah) there.

our bath tub rack is lovely - vintage and pretty. see those things on the second shelf from the bottom? that was another DIY project - bath fizzies I made for Caroline for Christmas *grin* and to the right is the full shelf view of everything i just went through so you can see it in context.

What have you used to help keep your bathroom in order? Any successful DIY projects to share?

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