Thursday, April 4, 2013

a&a. 4.4.13

Because I took Josh out the other day and took a bazillion pictures of him being a farmer boy, of course Zanna wanted her turn. So the pictures in today's post are from Photo Shoot #2 starring The Farm Girl With Her Cowgirl Boots on the Wrong Feet.

- burned my fingers on a cookie today. not the oven, not the baking sheet. THE COOKIE. Welcome to my world, friends. Welcome to my world.
- my costume. and i'm the one making it. maybe once I get the sleeves on it'll look better….I've just never been a huge fan of mustard.
- stalking someone on instagram and thinking for one horrible moment you'd favorited one of their pictures from like 24wks ago but all you did was hit the comment button *cue huge sigh of relief*
- planning on skipping out on the last half of a mandatory tech dress rehearsal in May to go see the touring cast of West Side Story. Ssssshhhh….don't tell.
- the fact that I'm also *completely* missing an important rehearsal in two weeks to spend the weekend with friends-who-are-more-like-family
- most of these "awkward"s are about Annie. awk.
- chickens are awkward.

- Spring Break from Preschool! Yes, I love my job, but macaroni-and-CHEESE how I love being off this week!
- the spring weather that has finally decided to stay. yes, it's still a bit nippy out, but at least it *feels* springy in the air. no more snowy wetness.
- West Side Story is coming to town. And I'm hyperventilating.
- I'm having ice cream with my "other mom" on Saturday to catch-up and talk about what God's done in both our lives since last time we hung out. Yay for folks who invest in others' lives - love you Mom W.
- planning the care package that Abbey and I are sending to our counterparts in the NYC cast of Annie. We're so sweet and creative - right?
- Andrew's coming home on Sunday after six weeks in a foreign climate. I'm looking forward to hearing his oriental stories. Maybe he'll have a Hudson Taylor ponytail. *snort* Sorry, Scott. Had to.
- chocolate caramel matzoh.
- listening to Susannah sing her little heart out. She loves Les Mis, and can enter into that story with every fiber of her being. She sings it unconsciously - often narrating her life with her own lyrics set to the tune of "the Confrontation" or "Little People." She makes a killer Javert, by the way.

Happy Thursday, everyone.

"So, Senator, so, Janitor/So long for a while, remember/You're never fully dressed/without a smile!" - Annie: The Musical

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