Tuesday, April 9, 2013

i think we skipped spring.

It's been in the seventies all day - I think we skipped spring. But honestly, that's fine with me. It did my tropical blood good to feel the heat and humidity and blazing sun today. :)

Today was truly wonderful in many ways. It started with a bright, early morning, a lovely dip into God's Word (prov 9 and john 2), prayer, a shower, and a new spring-y outfit. Then work, which was lovely. I do love my job, but sometimes the morning seems to drag.

Not today!

And to make a happy day better, my little crush, Sam (I know, he's four. but if i could just wait for him….pleeeeease…), came bouncing up to me, "are you my teacher today?" "no, I wish, but I'm not." "oh. I was hoping you were. I like it when you're my teacher." Watch this girl cry - I wish he wasn't going to be in kindergarten next year and leaving me *sobs* love my Sam.

And then as I cheerfully bounced around the room, I started singing this song from the classic Charlotte's Web film from the seventies. In a lull in the song, I heard a pretty little voice say, "that's Charlotte saying 'chin up'. I like that movie." It was my little Isla - kudos to that sweetie pie for knowing that movie!

And then I had lunch with Hannah and her little ones.We played outside for an hour afterwards and got nice and warmed and rosy and tired. I love that family so much.

And *then* I picked up Maddie from school, and we went and picked up Alicia and went shopping for supper tomorrow night - making Korean for church on Wednesday night. It's also free cone day at Ben and Jerry's, so that was a must 'cause we were in the same shopping center.

And now I'm home, babysitting younger siblings so Mama and Dad could take Josh out for his half-birthday dinner. We just ate supper outside on the back porch (lovely), and I've been periodically going outside to check on our six rather unintelligent chicks who keep flying out of their pen. They honestly don't know their mortal danger, with a reckless eighty lbs male puppy on the loose.

It's been a beautiful day, folks. A truly beautiful day.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
For by me your days will be multiplied,
And years of life will be added to you. - proverbs 9:10-11

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