Thursday, April 11, 2013


Pretty much every business, every person with any kind of cause, every organization, every political candidate, every one wants your money. They want you to invest in what they do. Sometimes the returns are monetary, other times it's your conscience that gets rewarded. Sometimes it's physical satisfaction, like when you buy food from the grocery store. You pay for food that you need to live, and in turn, they stay in business. Think about it. That IS our society. The exchange of goods. Money. Products. Advice. Services.

But have you stopped to think about what it would be like to invest in a person? Not giving them money, or even advice or services. Just your time. Stepping back, sacrificing time to bless someone else. Someone who maybe you don't normally talk to. Someone who might be a lot younger or older than yourself. Someone who just needs to hear what you have to say, or someone who needs to be listened to.

I was blessed that way last night. What started out with five or six others on the playground turned into just two of us on the swings. And rather than get and find something else to do, I felt a little pinprick and a little voice in my heart said, "talk. tell her your heart." So I did. Forty-five minutes later, I knew it was the right thing to have done. I don't know how she felt afterwards, but I know that I was immensely blessed, and learned so much more about this lovely young lady that I knew before.

When you feel that voice, that urge, to just invest in someone else - don't ignore it. You don't know what you're missing.

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