Thursday, May 16, 2013


Right now, I'm praying for nearly ten families with baby-related requests. With some, I'm rejoicing over a healthy birth, lifting up some who have newborns with health complications, and several more are looking forward with anticipation to an upcoming arrival…but also my heart is grieving with one family who just learned they will never meet their precious little one in this life.

Through all this baby drama, the joy and the heartbreak, one thing has stood out to me: 

every single one of these lives is precious and perfect.

The world may have one version of perfect - the healthy kind, the "wanted" kind - but the reality is God created each of these little lives, and NOTHING about these babies is a surprise to Him. 

Victorian Mother and ChildIt's no surprise to Him that Baby W's heart is healthy, it's no surprise that Baby G's heart is not. It's no surprise to Him that the Baby P's mama had to go on bed rest, or that precious Baby C got to go to heaven early. Or even that Baby M is a girl, and the other Baby P will be the youngest of nine. No surprises.

What IS surprising is that there are people in the world who would call each of these miracles an "accident", "unwanted", or "unnecessary." Not blessings. Not acknowledging the fact that God ordained each life, and has a name for each child. Most importantly, ignorant of the fact that each baby is made in God's image. 

I cannot wait for the day when, Lord willing, I will hold my own baby in my arms. A baby that is not a surprise, beautifully created, and a blessing to his parents. Until then, it's my joy to celebrate and pray for each new life given to my dear friends, no matter what the circumstances, because the simple fact is:

children are a blessing.

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