Tuesday, May 14, 2013

happy life post.

I apologize for the lack of posts lately - just got through tech week and our first show weekend, and now I'm facing one short month before I leave my family for the summer, so I've been a little pre-occupied. But it's a happy, wonderful life I'm living, and here's some reasons why:

01. blessed that I have a theatre family who cares so deeply and sincerely about my welfare. It's been a rough week, what with fever, congestion, exhaustion, and finally the strep diagnosis. The boatloads of prayers and emails from them were so wonderfully encouraging and kept me from getting discouraged.

02. happy pangs of nostalgia sweeping over as we visited our old church on Mother's Day. Did we even leave? Even though I love our current church home, and I know that's where we belong, I didn't realize how much of my heart and who I am is *still* bound up in the church where I grew up. Precious memories.

03. spending time with family, celebrating the new little person sharing our table, letting the weird feeling sink in that Julia just *finished* her first year at UVa - wild, and just catching up with everyone in general. A relaxing Mother's Day.

04. celebrating my wonderful Mama on the Thursday before Mother's Day, due to our hectic weekend plans. We surprised her with a special lunch (reubens), a cake from Chandler's, cards, gifts and lots of love. It was a good reminder for me that everyday should be a mother's day - and I should be going out of my way to bless her on a daily basis, not just a couple days a year.

05.  a stellar opening weekend for Annie! I wish I could've enjoyed it more, and not been so stuffed up and icky-feeling, but I still had fun, and both casts worked so hard and did a wonderful job. And, after years of hoping, I was able to share the stage with six of my seven siblings. They are SO TALENTED and Michael managed to steal the entire show with his portrayal of Wacky the Puppet in the Hour of Smiles radio program scene. I love these guys so much.

06. my summer playlist. I'm a shuffle girl generally, but for this particular playlist, I always start at the beginning and listen straight through. It gives me that happy "all's right with the world" feeling.  And I know it's not summer yet, but it might as well be.

07. living in the beautiful town that I live in. Nothing like an afternoon ramble across the Downtown Mall, exploring quirky boutiques, scribbling a funny message on the speech wall, or checking your reflection in the windows of the Paramount. Somethings never change. *winky face*

08. being in preliminary prep for my trip to Colorado, such as putting together outfits, buying shoes, looking for plane tickets, etc. With just four short weeks between today and departure, I'm starting to get the travel bug, as well as pre-big-trip jitters. It's exciting - the thought of meeting 100 new people I've never seen before and spending all summer pursuing God with them….just wow.

09. seeing the incredibly talented touring cast of West Side Story. They were going through some illness, so the cast was a little jumbled, but they put on a wonderful show and it made for a special evening out with Dad. Being who he is, and knowing that I wanted to meet some of these folks, Dad found the back way to the bay and we had a great little chat with two of the cast members and I got some signatures. Thanks, y'all! :D

10. bye bye birdie. And if you dare to tell me that I was in that show a whole year ago and it's OVER, then you won't be feeling so good. Our newspaper clipping is still stapled on the bulletin board at preschool, so as far as I'm concerned, it's still running. Abbey and I can still do our "Lot of Livin'" choreo - we showed it to Whitney on Sunday - and I still can't listen to "Telephone Hour" without choking up at at the "hi-ya Hugo" part. Oh, happy denial!

What's made you smile lately?

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