Wednesday, May 29, 2013

what time is it?

flip flops
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Yesterday I fished my slightly faded bathing suit out of my bottom drawer, found my athletic shorts and pulled a jcpenney tshirt over the suit. We packed the pool bag, counted goggles and towels, and headed off to the first day of swim practice.

It's kinda funny - as we walked in, several of us commented on how it really didn't feel like it had been an entire year since last summer. Time truly does fly.

It was also funny being at the pool, but not at the pool. Not coaching - I'll be gone. Not swimming - I'm graduated. Just hanging out. Got two lovely wet hugs from the two little girls I taught to swim last year. They've both grown a foot and sweet as ever. Also received a flying leaping hug from my hyper Harper, who also did Annie with us this year. And Sam. And sweet fellowship with my dear "coach" Jessie. No matter what the circumstances, I was glad to be back, if only for a little while.

These past few days also included a grill-out at my grandparents with my cousin who's about to deploy, a Memorial Day cookout with several wonderful families - including my loyal blog reader/most faithful commenter 14th Assistant Kitchen Maid a.k.a. The Ordinary Princess *grin* - and an exhilarating and strenuous early morning hike with Dad, Maddie and Andrew.

The point of all this is not that I am busy, but that it has arrived - with temperatures in the 80s, sudden afternoon wind and rain storms, the smell of sunscreen and chlorine, stacks of shorts and tshirts piled on beds, flip flops in random places around the house, brightly painted nails, pink faces and brown arms, slow afternoons and vacation around the corner…

summer is here.

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