Friday, May 24, 2013

when a show closes.

sometimes you miss the show itself, like the way I still miss Bye Bye Birdie with every fiber of my theatre-kid heart.

sometimes you miss being *in* the show - because it's one you've always wanted to do. Like Sound of Music.

but sometimes, you just miss people and the atmosphere. Annie isn't my favorite show, but this has been my favorite experience. the joy and community backstage, the wild humor, the support. I was pretty sick with a strep infection for both show weekends, and the prayers and love I received from my cast made it all worth it.


I shared this show with six of my siblings. Six of my TALENTED siblings, I might add. I'm so proud of them, and those three days that we shared the stage were pretty awesome. And, ask anyone who saw us, and they will tell you that Michael pretty much stole the show. Wacky for the win!

This show brought a lot of theatrical firsts for me as well: first time playing multiple roles within a show (grand total of three!), wearing a wig, dancing with a newspaper (it's the newsie in me *grin), throwing said newspaper into the audience, and working as a dresser for a lead role (Annie). It was quite an experience!

Here's a link to some of Ashley's professional pictures from Cast A (my siblings were Cast B, I was in both). I'll share our photos on here or Google+ once we get them :)

I love my Black Box family, never more so than after this show. Every production endears them to me more and more.

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