Saturday, May 25, 2013

your hands.

when my world is shaking/heaven stands/when my heart is breaking/I never leave Your hands.

It's a new reality. A letting go. A holding on. When your heart is breaking, your world is falling apart, and there's nothing you can do. You can despair, give up, quit. Or you can cling to the One Who holds your story, and your family's story, in His hands. It doesn't change the reality, or remove the problem, but it is a soothing balm in the midst of great pain.

I speak not only for myself, but for my daddy, my grandparents, my aunts, and my entire extended family as I ask for your prayers. We're working through what it means to have a family member with a serious form of blood cancer. For the sake of privacy, and also because we don't actually know all what's going on ourselves, I'm not going to share much more than that. But I do want to say that my Aunt Lisa is one of the strongest people I know, and her attitude is heartening. This is not going to be an easy road - it's already harder than anyone could've imagined - but we will get through this, and we will be stronger because of it. Pray for us.

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