Saturday, June 1, 2013

quality time.

In the chaos of my world, this vacation has been refreshing. This afternoon, Caroline and I went into Mt. Pleasant to spend some quality time together before I leave. This is an area I have sorely neglected this year, and today was a step in the right direction.

geeking out over Matilda ("It is 2-L-8-4-U E-R revolting!") and mocha cookie crumb/chocolate chip frappuccinos was an excellent way to start our date.

this is incredible. I could've spent hours curled up in the store fangirling over every story and picture…just five minutes of perusing had me way too excited…if only I had $40 lying around. Life of a teenager.

Caroline found three pretty darn awesome Downton books - the complete Season 1 scripts, The Chronicles of Downton Abbey, and a behind-the-scenes sort of book. Once again, hours of entertainment.

We left eventually, since we had a limited budget and were starting to have trouble resisting tenth commandment. But not without a new Nancy Drew book for Caroline, and another unabridged copy of Les Miserables, because one is not enough *sheepish grin* 

We explored the Old Navy - theirs is so much better than ours, which Caroline commented tends to be how life is anyway - and Bath and Body Works. We came out of the latter smelling like a dozen different scents, some better than others. One perfume had me coughing and gagging like all get out, and Caroline tried an apple soap that left her smelling like a Granny Smith pie. And sadly, the "three sexy new scents" smelled like diapers. Go figure. *snort* But we did find some fun new ones, and Caroline managed to spray two different "fragrance mists" backwards up her neck. Oh, we're quite a pair. 

At Old Navy she tried on flip-flips, and I wanted to try on everything in sight. We are very interesting shoppers. Good thing we were already broke. :P

She was already reading her new book while we waited to be picked up, and finished it within thirty minutes after getting back to the beach house. A girl after my own heart.

All this going to reinforce that I'm going to miss my siblings like all get out when I leave for Ellerslie in just two short weeks. So thankful for this quality time.

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