Wednesday, June 19, 2013

content to eat sand.

There is something crying out from my dead soul.

On my knees, tears streaming down my face, begging the Spirit with all the longing I can find – begging with Him to fill me from the bottom up with Himself.

Sitting still and silent, reaching out – the fingers of your earthly, human hand mirroring the groping of your broken, bleeding heart.

I’ve come out of Egypt, yes, but I’m stumbling around in the Wilderness. The thought of the Promised Land fills me with joy, but somehow I am content to pitch a tent and eat sand, believing the lie that Heaven on earth is only possible in the next life.

The question is: am I ready to die? Ready to die utterly, completely to self? Fully comprehend that Jesus wants me MORE than I want Him, and He can wash my face and get the sand out of my teeth and lead me into a better way? Am I ready to face the Dark Night of the Soul, to grab hold of the heel of God and not let go until that which is in Heaven is here in me?

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