Tuesday, September 17, 2013

after long absence.

After long absence, it's a sewing project. A real, honest-to-goodness sewing project. After all, this is a sewing blog...right? Whoops. Hehe. Yes, I hear you Joanna. It's been too long. So, without further ado, my most recent creation:

This project was sort of spur-of-the-moment, after I discovered the $2 See-and-Sew pattern and the discounted fashion corduroy on the same day on a shopping trip with Caroline over the weekend. It only took two afternoons of sewing, and the most time consuming thing was the eight darts (four in front, four in the back). 

Personally, I think it turned out great. I've never been as close to 100% satisfied with something I've made ever, I think.

By the way, the photos are taken by my wonderful Catherine - we made this a full-fledged photo shoot after a little while. I can't believe it's been a year since Ashley took my picture! Time flies.

Yay for ruffles! So happy.

There's no separate bodice/skirt for this dress - the darts make the waistline, which makes adjusting to fit super duper easy.

The material is a light-weight cordoruy - perfect for the transition season. It keeps in the heat, without making you sweat. (always a plus) It's also quite soft inside, and swishes around very nicely. A new favorite material!

what you can't see are my coordinating toe nails. hehe.

Zipper closure with a hook-and-eye at the back.

I think I'll keep it. *grin*


  1. Oh, I love it!! really pretty, and perfect autumn colors! =)

  2. You are beautiful inside & out! Love all of these photos! :)

  3. So pretty, Liza! It is absolutely perfect for fall. =)

  4. It is a beautiful dress, Liza! And so are you :). But what a perfect style, beautifully fitting and lovely fabric. I love the pattern-style. I'm still quite a beginner at sewing, but I wish I had time to get better as it is wonderful to sew one's own clothes :).

    God bless!

  5. This dress is gorgeous!! You are an amazing seamstress! I hope the sewing bug has bitten again and we will soon see more of your creations. <3

  6. I love it! So pretty! Xoxo Kate

  7. Liza, this is so lovely! I love long, ruffley dresses. ;) Unfortunately, my sewing projects have turned out less than perfect...The only one I've ever worn in public (a white cotton skirt) isn't exactly flattering, seeing as it's too big for me. :P

  8. Oh, I love this, Liza! It's so pretty and flattering on you. :)

  9. haha! Indeed. :-D Lovely job. It looks super fun to wear. I do enjoy all of your other posts as well though. :-)