Thursday, September 26, 2013

the "hair day cinderella"

All children referred to in the post are actually *not* my siblings - we just pretend that they are. They are the lovely K. children - church friends that appear frequently on the blog due to the fact that I help braid Mihret's hair about once a month.

I think I mentioned that the 1997 Cinderella with Brandy is one of Mihret's favorite movies. As a result, I've seen it many, many times while braiding the aforementioned young lady's hair. I don't think I'll ever be able to think about this movie without thinking of hair day, but that's okay. 

Here's a little peek at that rather....creative production.

Brandy as Cinderella. She does a precious, stunning job. Nothing lacking at all - I love the way she puts her own style into each song, and yet still keeps the same spirit of the original. Her Cinderella is very believable, and obviously relatable, since children are so drawn to her character.

Yes, that's Bernadette Peters as the stepmother. *grin* Oh, one thing that keeps us laughing every time the children and I watch this is the fact that this film is….very….culturally diverse. Which is wonderful, of course…but it does get slightly…confusing at times.

But it's a fairy tale! Honestly, where else would you get a sweet couple like this:
 (yes, Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber :P)

who have a son and future daughter-in-law like this:

Anyway. We get a kick out it, and it just wouldn't be right any other way. *grin* 

Note for parents and curious others:
As Mihret will gravely inform you, "We don't think the blue dress is good because Mama says it's too low." That's true. And there's also some romantic scenes that make Yosi groan, and could probably be FF with no harm done, but overall, no worries.

Oh, right. Whitney. Not sure what to say, except that…well…it's Whitney. *cough* 

not the foggiest idea what's happening in this photo, but it's hilarious.

I'll leave you all with my favorite scene - Ten Minutes Ago, plus the Waltz for a Ball. Firstly, the song is lovely, and beautifully done. Secondly, the dancing is the happy kind that makes my heart soar when they spin. Double plus! Check out the fun little twirly thing they do at 1:45-1:50….*sigh*.

I say, worth your time. And when you watch it, think of me cornrowing, surrounded by my little posse of friends eating chips and crackers and cookies and enjoying ourselves. It'll make you laugh, leave you with a happy spirit and a song in your heart.

And that's what fairy tales are for…right?

btw, that question's a set up for tomorrow's post. *evil chuckle*

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