Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the princess diary (the laura osnes kind)

Remember my question from yesterday - What's NOT to love about Cinderella? Well, today's post is about something TO love about Cinderella on Broadway - The Princess Diary.

Oh, whoops - to clarify. No, not the movie(s). The vlog. Video-blog.

The vlog, hosted and starring Laura Osnes - Miss Cinderella herself.

This is a lovely, hilarious "reality show" about the cast of Cinderella and what it's like to be in a Broadway shoe on a daily basis. Compared to other shows on Broadway, Cinderella is as close to completely family friendly as you're going to get, and the vlogs are no different. Aside from a couple…odd….moments here and there, they are an absolute DELIGHT to watch, and satisfies the desire to know how it all happens that some of us *cough* (me) *cough* need to see for anything that we decide to love.

Also, without the vlogs, you would never get to meet one of the most important members of the cast.

Herman the Fish.

Given as a gift on opening night from Laura to her co-star/co-conspirator Santino Fontana, Herman has become the mascot of the show and dearly beloved. He even has a unique voice....which my wonderful sister imitates...daily. Thank. You. San-I mean Herman.

Ah, Herman the betta fish.

So, yes. One of my favorite things about this show - something that endeared it to me even more - is Laura's The Princess Diary. I guess I appreciate a recording/show/show history more when I know something about the people behind it. I've watched some interviews with Laura, and her faith and convictions make it much easier for me to enjoy the musical, 'cause I know she's just as light-hearted, sweet, and joyful at heart as the role she's playing.

Laura and her husband, Nathan, are professing Christians, and, if you watch her "Show People" interview with Paul Wontorek, she's certainly not "ashamed" of it. We have some differences in our standards and the way we're living out our faith, but it's still encouraging to see folks making a conscience effort to live differently in an industry that's pretty much godless.

I've embedded one of the episodes below - and, as a matter of principal and respect for y'all, I must say: just like anything else, take everything in the video with a grain of salt and understand that I'm not standing behind every action done, dress worn and statement made. Of course. But you knew that already. *grin* That said, it's great, so enjoy it. :)

But now I'm curious - is it just me, or does it make a difference to you to know the backstory and character of actors and actresses in shows or movies that you like? Would it bother you if you found out that someone's character was inconsistent with their appearance?


  1. Favorite video blog. Ever. :D So glad that you watch it too so you "got" my reference to Herman the Fish in my last comment. ;)

    Laura is so sweet and genuine and it was lovely beyond words to have the chance to meet her briefly. Her Show People interview with Paul Wontorek is one of my favorites... especially since Bonnie & Clyde is a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine. :P

    But. Just like you, I love to see the behind-the-scenes world of the show and it makes it seem so much more personal. To answer your question, yes. It does make somewhat of a difference. If I disagree with an actor's lifestyle, I can still appreciate their talent and art. However, when I find someone (like Laura) who I can admire for more reasons than just her career, it makes me happy.

  2. ahhhhhh I love this series!!! I've been watching them lately (on 9 episodes so far, still working on them.) I feel like I know the cast now. :)

    And Herman... HAHA...

    Sierra is still my favorite Broadway star, but Larua is so gorgeous and talented and... a Christian?!?! How awesome can she get. ;)

  3. Yes! I found the Princess Diaries a month or 2 ago on Youtube and loved them. I really appreciate Laura's loveliness of spirit. Isn't Herman hilarious? Hee hee!

  4. I love, love, love The Princess Diary! Herman is the best and Laura is seems sooo sweet!

    I'm exactly like you, I like knowing as much about a show/movie as I can. It really makes it much more enjoyable! And although I like all the behind the scenes stuff, I really like getting to know the actors best.