Tuesday, October 1, 2013

reflecting on the Heavenly Prince

As I've been writing posts about Cinderella this past week, it constantly brings to mind that verse in Song of Solomon that I've posted about twice before - "I have found the one whom my soul loves"- and how it parallels that line in Ten Minutes Ago: "I have found him!"

I've actually been thinking about this lately, the parallels between earthly romance and our heavenly romance. And more and more, the point is driven home that if we truly want a "happily ever after" kind of story with Prince Charming, our relationship with King Jesus must always be our first and foremost priority. The idea that somehow marriage itself fixes problems and promises a dreamlike movie-script type life isn't really true if Jesus isn't present.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a romantic person, and I strongly believe that a marriage founded on Jesus Christ with a heavenly focus *can* be, in a sense, heaven on earth. I refuse to settle for the current picture of marriage in America - the necessary "lovers' quarrels" (that in itself is an oxymoron - see 1 Cor. 13), the putting-up-with-you-cause-I-have-to attitude, and, well, y'all know what I mean. That is NOT marriage the way God intended it, and we don't have to accept it as the "way things are." But then again, with the birth of sin came earthly troubles. We are going to face difficulties and temptations, but it's the way we handle them that makes the difference. 

Have you ever thought that it's the same way with Jesus?

Ponder this: the modern emergent church/prosperity gospel preachers proclaim a gospel that makes US feel good. It's not about Jesus, our bridegroom, it's about us and our desires, our "needs." A gospel of selfishness and pride. Bet you could trace most, if not all, martial problems in our culture to selfishness and pride as well. These folks teach a "happily ever after with Jesus" kind of story to bring people in - and all these folks find is that it doesn't work that way. The gospel Jesus preached was one that directly linked belief and love of Christ with suffering and persecution. In fact, He promises that the world will turn against us, hate us, and kill us if we love Him. Not exactly "happily ever after"…according to the world. For us however, with our eyes turned towards heaven and eternity, can see the bigger picture of love being demonstrated.

The point here is: It's not an easy life, loving Jesus, but the rewards are everlasting and eternal. And with the right, heavenly perspective, even trials are beautiful because they drive us to Him. And, even if He never does give us that earthly Prince Charming, we will always have Jesus forever and ever

And that's even better than Cinderella had it. Just sayin'.

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