Wednesday, October 2, 2013

seven years ago

Seven years ago, six Morales children were pacing around the house, driving each other insane, getting on each others nerves, stalking the telephone and wondering, wondering, wondering - watching the clock, counting the hours, waaaaiting for The Call.

Finally, around 1:30pm, it came.

Three, well, four, possibly five specific prayers were answered that afternoon.

First off, October 2, 2006 marked one year since a precious, unborn sibling went to be with Jesus. Exactly one year later, the Lord gave where He had taken away.

Secondly, we wanted a brother. Badly. Granted, we had two, but we wanted to balance things out. (we had four girls at the time)

Thirdly, we wanted him to have blond hair and blue eyes - since we had NONE of the latter, and Catherine was our only towhead.

Fourthly, we wanted an afternoon baby. Not a morning baby, when the Phone Call would come so early we'd be asleep, and not an evening baby so we'd have to wait until the next morning to see him. (we'd done both in the past)

And, on October 2nd, 2006 at 1:15pm, our brother Joshua was born. He wasn't blond then, and his eyes were dark blue like all of ours had been, so it was an anxious few months before our prayers were confirmed, but there's no doubt now. *grin*

Today, that Mr. Answered Prayers is seven years old. My "baby" brother is SEVEN. I remember talking with Jasmine during the Sufficiency of Scripture conference years ago - we were both keeping an eye on our fathers' vender tables during a session, and she was taking care of her three little brothers. Elijah David was almost seven, and she was lamenting that seven marks the end of "babyhood" and the beginning of being a real boy. I mean, honestly, you can't in good conscience call a seven year old "baby", can you? At the time, Michael was almost seven, so I could sympatheize. But now...Joshua is seven, and I officially have no "baby" brothers left.

Officially being the key-phrase.

Because no matter what, he's always going to be my baby brother.

Love you, Josh! Happy Birthday!

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