Monday, November 4, 2013

how I spent my birthday // Oct. 25-27, 2013

...camping out in this room

...meeting this snuggly boy for the first time

...getting a peek at the Hippie Van. Which *I* thought would be an awesome movie - you know, Fifteen Hippies Went to Town. But it got vetoed eventually. Maybe next time.

...getting a tour of the new-expanded-and-improved Wachter Farmette - chickens included.

...teaching this little lady how to be a Southern Belle

...introducing Herman/Queenie May to Fritz, Jamie and Arthur

...filming a movie in collaboration with 42 Studios (which hopefully y'all will get to see soon) drinking lots of lattes, staying up till midnight both nights, playing Broadway and improv-ish type games, watching Hello Dolly! (starring Barbra Streisand and the one and ONLY Michael Crawford), decorating and eating my Christmas Birthday cupcakes while listening to Straight No Chaser, taking a long walk through the neighborhood, and sweet fellowship with these lovely friends.

Couldn't've asked for a better weekend! Happy 19th to me :P


  1. Re-living this is almost as fun as living it the first time. And I promise that movie will be edited sometime before we die. Maybe. :)

  2. Happy 19th, Liza! So glad you guys were able to come up for the weekend...we must do weekends like this more often. (And next time we won't be babysitting and will find something incredibly awesome and crazy to do :))

    1. Awesome and crazy….like dress as hippies and take Frederick by storm?