Tuesday, December 10, 2013

asking for miracles.

"You still give sight to the blind
Heal the broken and provide
Yes, I believe You're the Maker of Miracles
You still open ears to hear
Silence all our doubts and fears
Yes, I believe You're the Maker of Miracles.
You're the Maker of Miracles."

I was listening to this song this morning, and when the chorus rolled around, I was struck with a thought.

In this modern age, we are always asking God for miracles - frustrated because He seems silent, we want something impressive to "prove" that He's really there. And somehow, we think that's different than the unbelieving crowds in the Gospels, following Jesus around hoping He would do a miracle, just for kicks.

As I thought about that, especially when the line "You still open ears to hear" played, I realized that the actual Miracles stares us in the face every single day of our lives - well, every day since our hearts were opened to the Gospel.

Our family has a deep respect and love for the Jewish people. After all, we were grafted into THEIR tree, and their story is our story. The more I've studied the Old Testement, the more I see God's love for His chosen people, and His desire to reconcile them to Himself through Christ. The more I've studied the Old Testement, the more thankful I am that He chose to save the WHOLE WORLD, to include us in the amazing Inheritance He made for the Jews.

The Miracle is truly that, first, of all, that we Gentiles can share in the blessing. But there's something even more mind blowing than that. Just stop and think for a second.

This is God we're talking about. The One who *created* this entire world with a Word. The One who split the Red Sea down the middle. The One Who sent food down from heaven every day to feed over a million people for forty years. The One who knits babies together in their mothers' wombs (how incredible is that?!). The One Who *became a man*. That God.

And this God, this all-sufficient, all-powerful God, *wants* us to be with Him, so He made a Way to restore our broken relationship. He made a Way.

We did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing to deserve it, nothing to bring it about, nothing. And yet, even two thousand years after He came to earth, this God Who lives outside of our universe is still actively pursuing His people.

And we ask for a miracle?


  1. I absolutely love this, Liza. Thank you.

  2. The snow pictures are beautiful! Its 80 degrees here today in sunny florida :-)

  3. :-) Such a beautiful miracle. I love the new blog look. Very un-distracting.