Thursday, December 5, 2013

one hundred and thirty days.

Over the course of the day today, I spent a total of three and a half hours on the phone or Skype with four ladies who I love very dearly. Three of them currently live in Colorado, one currently lives in Chicago. Right now I feel overwhelmingly blessed that the Lord has chosen, in His goodness, to cross our paths for this season of life.

One of those phone conversations was with Mama Sandi. And as a result, I am now officially counting down.

Counting down?

Oh yes. Because guess what?

There are exactly 
one hundred and thirty days 

…until this place is my home again.


  1. my heart aches to go back to this place. i am so happy for you dear sister!

  2. Although you will be missed much on the East coast I couldn't be happier for you, Jo girl!

    Love you.