Sunday, December 15, 2013

this is about my parents.

Today is my parents' wedding anniversary.

They've been married for twenty-three years. Which is almost - but not quite - half their lives. Half their lives! How crazy is that?!

They met as fourth-years in college, were married two years after graduation. If you had told them then that they would be the parents of eight children, they would've laughed.

I wouldn't trade them for the world. These two amazing people have raised, trained, protected and loved me for almost twenty years. And not only that, they are two of my dearest friends. I haven't met many others who are close to their parents as I am to mine.

I'll be honest - It hasn't been an easy road to get this kind of relationship, but their humility and gentleness is a powerful example of the Exchanged Life. Believe me, I see more and more everyday what a blessing it is to be able to look up to my parents as godly role models. And now, as an adult, walking life beside them is….amazing.

They are priceless, and it's a privilege to be their daughter.

I pray that when the Lord sees fit to give me a family of my own, that I will love them and nurture them half as well as my parents have done for me.

I love y'all. More than I could ever say.

morales family circa nineteen-ninety-four.

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