Saturday, February 22, 2014

dear summer.

dear summer,

i had peach today tea. i was at a bridal tea for my big sister, and that's where i had it. one sip, and i was hit with a wave of summer nostalgia and a longing for south carolina, the beach, warm sun, short sleeves and flip flops.

it was seventy degrees outside today, and february is nearly over. spring was in the air today, and i thought of you. i'm packing for africa and had to go find my summer clothes in the garage and i thought of you. i tried on my short skirts and bright tops, threw my hair in a pony tail and i thought of you. i felt like writing a blog post with no capital letters, sleeping in shorts and not wearing socks.

don't think i'm writing to you because i don't love spring - it's not that at all. i'm not rushing you along, but please don't wait too long this year.



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  1. To feel warmth seeping into the weather puts spring fever in my veins. I wore short sleeves and no socks today and had to be reminded that it was still February when the temperatures dropped in the evening. It'll wax and wane for a time, granted — what is spring if not fickle? — but winter is dying out, and sun, light clothes, bare feet, and everything that makes life wonderful is coming. We've only to wait a little longer!