Tuesday, February 11, 2014

dropping in on ellerslie // 2.6.14

Sometimes you have to do things on the spur of the moment, or they never happen. So you do, and have a whole new stash of memories and new friends and new experiences to add to your life story. And so begins our tale…

Once Upon A Time...Dad and Eric decided they needed to have a brainstorming session in person instead of phone, so they set up a day for Dad to come out and visit Ellerslie.

Of course, a member of my family cannot simply go off to Ellerslie without me, and through a rather simple series of events, both Maddie and I landed spots on the trip.

The adventure started in our very own local airport around 7pm, included an hour in Charlotte-Douglas, a late night arrival in Denver, and an hour drive up to Ft. Collins for the night. During the course of travel, I drank an odd assortment of liquids - including two coffee drinks, a smoothie, a bottle of water, and mineral water. I'm a bit of a strange traveler - I can't eat due to what I've dubbed "Travel Adrenaline", but I'll drink enough to sustain a camel in the Sahara. Anyway.

I was too excited to eat breakfast, but I made myself eat something and then we were off on a beautiful snowy drive to a place I have missed so much over the past six months.

Pulling into the chapel parking lot, hopping out in the three inches of snow, smiling ridiculously - I wanted to spin around and around and around in circles for joy.

Dad went off to find Eric, and I took Maddie through the Lake House and Everitt looking for people to hug ;) It was a glorious morning - it's hard to put into words how much I've missed Morgan - my dear, dear "mom" and roommate from the summer. She had been alerted the night before that I was coming, so it wasn't a total surprise, but still great fun.

We spent the morning making lunch for everyone on campus, and the afternoon cleaning the girls' dorms in preparation for the new basic class that was coming in that Saturday. We also bound the notebooks for both the basic and advanced students - that might've been the activity highlight of the whole trip. Twenty or so young folks in the notoriously awkward Mirror Room upstairs rolling black spirals through notebooks and telling stories about past semesters - it really doesn't get much more humorous than that.

I met so many lovely new friends, and made a few fun connections. It really is a small world we live in, a very very small world! I'm looking forward to spending seven weeks with this class, come April. We stayed up late snacking on the rather random assortment of food Dad dropped off for us. Once the other girls had retired, Morgan and I scampered across campus and crashed Rachel and Grammie's cozy room and ended up staying there for a few hours. As I lay snuggled up with Grammie Sharon on her bed, I was almost in tears I was so full of joy to be there - so, so, so blessed to have these precious people in my life! What a family I've got! Thank you, Lord.

Maddie and I spent the night on campus (in +Rachel Hooley and +Miriam nB.'s old room <3) - so sweet of the staff to make up the room for us!

Also, I was in awe of the Lord's perfect timing in bringing the right people to campus while I was there, including a member of The Epic Dinner Table - the group of seven folks I shared a dinner table with for three weeks and had a powerful impact on my Basic semester. Also dear Ada - ah! So happy to see her face, even for just a few minutes! And I was pleasantly surprised to see Basic friends back for Advanced, and meet younger siblings of my friends who were arriving for Basic. So many answered prayers!

Alas, it was over too soon, and Friday morning at 9:30 we were off to Denver to catch our flight home. No sad goodbyes this time, since I'll be back in a blink of an eye for even more reunions and even more memories! This was just a teaser.

Our trip home involved several more random drinks, but due to my sporadic eating over the previous 48 hours, I was happy to polish off a cheeseburger at the sports bar in Charlotte, all the while with a lovely view of the Liberty University poster hanging from the ceiling. (yay!) The Lord even used our not being able to get on an earlier flight home to work all things for His glory in some pretty interesting ways - I can't really articulately explain why, but trust me, it was pretty neat.

Also ran into my "master"of sorts - known to you all as variously Willie Wonka, Daddy Warbucks, Jud Fry, and Archibald Craven, read: the one and only Charif who went on (with me helping) to scare our fellow passengers into thinking we were going to be running lines and songs during our hour long flight home (in our very small plane). Of course we didn't, but he did test out his tray table's durability under vigorous attacks, as well knock my seat around a bit, all in the name of "testing it out". (did I mention the nutcase was sitting directly behind me?)

Altogether it was hilarious, magnificent, edifying, encouraging, refreshing, and completely God-ordained, Spirit-filled visit. I trust He will continue to be working this trip for His glory in the months and years to come!


  1. Ahhhh,sounds glorious. I can't wait until I go in the fall. In 8 loooooooooong months!!!:)

  2. Lizaaaa I miss you!!! SO SO SO excited for April!!

  3. Lizaaaa I miss you!! So so so excited for April! Your blog fills me with such joy :))) <3

  4. DITTTTTOOOO Tashh!!!! I miss you Tasha! Ah! What a sweet, sweet, time it was those two months of summer 2013! Thank you Jesus! What amazing gifts you give to us <3