Friday, February 14, 2014

why I'm not lonely on Valentine's Day.

I'm going to get right to the point, and you all can stew on the title later.

Firstly, Valentine's Day is a celebration of love - specifically, romantic love. However, growing up in a family that hardly encouraged sending cheesy hearts and fluff to guys once a year, I have the mentality that one can celebrate the love of friendship just as well on Valentine's Day. In fact, I have yet to send a romantic note on February 14th - I'm sure that day will come, but for now, pfft. I have so many friend-friends to send cards to I have to start a week in advance!

Secondly, speaking of "some day", I do not in any way find Valentine's Day to be a more difficult day of the year than any other when it comes to being "single." (single what, anyway? single crochet? single release?) Being a girl, being a young adult, being human, I have days and moments when that longing for my own family can feel a little overwhelming, but overall, I'm a very happy little hobbit and Valentine's Day is when I get to eat peppermint brownies with pink frosting while sitting on the kitchen counter singing showtunes with my equally-depressed-and-single-sisters and read all our pink and red cards given to us so sweetly by siblings and friends, admire the roses and chocolate from Daddy, watch a chick flick and wonder what the big deal is about all this anyway?

Thirdly, the bone to pick I have with Valentine's Day Haters is a question about the state of your heart. Are you content? Paul in the book of Philippians (a personal favorite of mine) states that "in all things I have learned to be content." Have YOU learned to be content? It's not something that just happens, you have to work at it. Are you focused so much on what you don't have that you're losing sight of what you do have? To add insult to injury, have you considered the command of Jesus to "rejoice with those who rejoice?" Is your rotten attitude about being "alone" souring the joy of those to whom the Lord has brought a mate? Think about that. I repeat: Are you focused so much on what you don't have that you're losing sight of what you do have?

Fourthly, what DO we have? Folks, this should be a no-brainer. You might not have a spouse, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even a cat (meow), but we have something infinitely better, and His Name is Jesus Christ. Are ya having trouble making yourself happy with your lot in life? Give it to Him. His plan is so infinitely better than anything you or I could think of, that honestly it's imbecilic how long we hold out, insisting that we know better. Hogwash. You need a spouse more than you need Jesus? I think not.

Fifthly and finally, I'm a hopeless romantic and most of you know it. I am not writing this to make myself feel better, or sound funny or cynical or sour grapes or anything. I'm simply a girl who is learning more and more everyday that her sweet Savior is enough. I'm probably going to be learning this for a long time, and that's totally okay because I have eternity to do it. Whether I ever get married to my young buck and have my twenty children is entirely in the hands of the Author of Life. And the truly beautiful thing is, no matter what happens, He's going to stay the same - all together lovely, all together worthy, all together wonderful to me.

So now you know why I'm not lonely or bitter or frustrated or depressed or anything of the sort on Valentine's Day.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

<3 <3 <3
all photo credits to the lovely Catherine Morales - my fifteen year old sister


  1. I love this post and couldn't agree more. I have always loved Valentine's Day and look forward to it all year long. I never have understood how anyone could be depressed on 2/'s a chance to celebrate! How could anyone possibly be depressed when there is so much LOVE to celebrate? Apart from the ohsosweet pink, red, hearts and chocolates everywhere, I love having a day to remind me to express my love for the amazing friends and family God has placed in my life. And while we're on the topic, I love YOU, Jo girl. You are a beautiful, vibrant person and, I might add, one of the few people I know who has as many strong opinions as I do. And I love your hat. So there.


  2. Lovely post. I too am sick of the valentine haters!!! I love valentines day and I've never had a boyfriend. I think it's a lovely holiday and I love walking through a store seeing guys with flowers in their hands...hehehe,makes me smile to see so many guys with flowers intended for someone they love.