Thursday, March 27, 2014

{adventures in ethiopia} coffee ceremony.

The coffee ceremony is a fundamental part of Ethiopian culture. It is an honor to be a part of, and a sign of respect from the host to the guest.  The morning of our first day on site, the women of the church prepared coffee for us while we talked over our plan for the day.

Ethiopian coffee in this particular form is basically like an espresso - and about as caffeinated as it gets. A few of us *cough* graciously accepted their offer for a second cup...which ordinarily would be fine, except that just thirty minutes later, while visiting the home of one of the children, we were served coffee again. Let's just say that three strong shots of espresso in the space of two hours can mess with you a little - not to mention the full cup of coffee we'd had with breakfast. Shaky hands, rumbling stomach, headache, etc - that was afternoon. We learned our lesson, and from then on, I only took one cup wherever we just never know when you'll be offered another one. *rueful grin*

We were also served popcorn - and lots of it. Ethiopians love their popcorn. It's plain and simple, nothing on top, just popped corn…and it goes well with coffee. *grin*


  1. Wow, what absolutely wonderful pictures! These people are beautiful.

  2. They seriously are gorgeous. This is so spectacular. <3

  3. I never had much of a desire to visit Ethiopia before but if coffee is involved SING ME UP! :D


    These photos are just *stunning*.