Thursday, March 20, 2014

awkward and awesome // 3.20.14

Considering how long it's been since I did one of these, this should be good. *wink*

- telling someone at church that typhoid is a verbal vaccine. Close enough.
- later that same evening attributing my difficulty skiing to my lack of hand-eye coordination. Well, that would explain it, I guess. Who skis with their hands anyway?
- successfully blowing out the side of a squeezable ketchup packet onto my clothes *while driving* and onto the seat belt…oh, and the chicken nuggets. Clean up involved me sponging myself off at a gas station while filling up the car, and shortening my purse strap so my bag covered up the tomato stains on my shirt while I was in Whole Foods. Just a day in the life, folks.
- dropping off Michael for piano and forgetting to pick Luke up simultaneously. Poor guy. Had to sit outside for fifteen minutes on his lonesome waiting for me to come back. *sigh*

- sharing with the church last night about our trip to Addis Ababa. Such a sweet time, marveling over what the Lord is doing and bringing back so much love to all the church families from their sponsor children.
- my favorite Little Feet came to visit their Auntie Liza last week. We had a big lunch at my house with everyone (choir, staff, host families), and even though it was a little chilly, we were outside most of the time. I don't think they have any idea just how much they mean to me…so blessed that the Lord brought them into my life these past eighteen months. Jesus has big plans for these lives!

- only *twenty* days till I leave for Ellerslie! I can't believe it's been nearly seven months since basic graduation…time truly flies, and God is so very, very good.
- The Secret Garden. Did I mention I love my theatre family? Truly have an ache in my heart that this is over…it was a joy to work on, perform, and the experience was unparalleled. Who knew I'd love the Ghostly Life of the Adult Deceased Ensemble so much? <3
- having a little date with myself and my favorite mug (which someone people *cough* recently accused of being my idol. watch it, guys) watching The Princess Bride. "The minute his HEAD is in view - HIT IT WTIH THE ROCK!" It doesn't take much to please me, folks. *chuckle*
- Spring weather today! If only it would promise to stay, and NO MORE SNOW!
- straightening my hair and finally recognizing myself in the mirror. :) Many of y'all think of me as a curly top, but I grew up with straight hair and only in the past two years has it gone kinky wild. I think of myself with straight hair, so it's fun to have it sometimes.
- several super encouraging (separate and unrelated) conversations with Alicia, Stephanie and Ben about what the Lord is working in my life, and in theirs. I'm just blown away how the Lord has given me these special "older siblings" to draw me closer to Him - so grateful!
- playing with markers and crayons. Once again, I'm easy to please - never happier than when I'm working in a coloring book with a four year old, or doodling around poems and quotes in my notebook.
- sorting through pictures for the Africa slideshow and reliving the memories. 

…and I'm so happy, so very happy, 
I have the love of Jesus in my heart!

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