Friday, March 21, 2014

why oreos and horned lizards can be distracting a.k.a. life with brothers

the boys don't sit still enough for me to take their picture. so here's susannah <3

Breakfast is over. The children put their dishes up on the counter by the sink - and promptly disappear. I start tidying up, and then I hear the first shriek. The boys come careening in with Susannah behind them, some form of chase game I presume. It ends in a pile up on the floor of the hallway, and the noise reaches a decibal level that - while ear splitting - is not uncommon.

I finally persuade Susannah to go listen to an audiobook in her room, and Josh finds something to amuse himself, and I settle in to trying to get the kitchen clean *and* keep Michael and Luke semi-focused on schoolwork.

Two minutes into the quiet, Luke has a petition:

"There's something we need to do today."
"It's not good to let food go to waste. I think we should eat the Oreos before they go stale."
"I will take that into consideration, thank you."
"Does that mean yes?"
"I agree with you that it would be a waste of food and bad stewardship of what the Lord has given us to allow the Oreos to go stale."
(whoops and cheers from all quarters)
"Alright, focus on your work - don't leave anything undone that you'll get busted for when Mama gets home."


"When are we going to eat them?"
"After lunch."
"How many can we have?"
"As many as there are."
Luke starts to get up, but I see what's he up to and stop him:
"NO. You may *not* go count them."

Pause. Then Michael exclaims while reading a book:
"AHHH!!! It shoots blood out its EYES!"
Luke jumps up immediately and runs over to read the chapter over Michael's shoulder. Because lizards that shoot blood are waaay more exciting than language arts. Thank you, A Beka Science Reader.

"Luke! Back to work!"
"Okay, okay, I AM working!"

Of course.

Five minutes later:
"I'm done with all my school for the day."
"For real?"
"I started before breakfast."

He's right.

"Would you like me to go outside and work off some energy?"
"Luke, I would LOVE that. You're dismissed."
"You just LOVE babysitting us, don't you."
"Actually, yes I do. Y'all are the best."
Life has it's hard moments, but there's actually waaay more fun moments.
Being a big sister has it's hard moments, but there's waaaay more fun moments.
Having three younger brothers - two of whom are only sixteen months apart and currently age 11 and 10 - has it's hard moments, but there's waaaay more goofy moments and I love it.

And I'm getting all kinds of practical experience in how to school two middle school aged boys who just want to be outside all day :) They don't teach you that in college. *cough*

Anyway, just wanted to give you a snippet of my day.

But I will say - horned lizards are actually pretty cool. And I'm looking forward to the Oreos after lunch. :)


  1. This is so sweet. It must be fun to have so many younger siblings! That picture of your little sister is so adorable!

  2. Yes, yes,yes,yes! So great. Enjoy those oreos, you deserve it. :-)

  3. Hi Liza!
    I enjoyed looking at your blog today. Everyone is growing up so fast! It is very encouraging to see how much you love your siblings and enjoy being with them.
    Please tell your family hello from the Moores! Thanks! -DeLane for the Moores