Saturday, April 19, 2014

{adventures in africa} tigist.

Tigist is my sister Caroline's age. Actually, they remind me of each other. They both have spunk, they both love crafty projects, they both are leaders in their circle of friends. They're both young, with their lives ahead of them. But honestly, it's hard to realize just how different their lives are. 

It's hard to look at these pictures from the clean, air conditioned window of the Lake House and think of what Tigist is looking at each and everyday. Not the Ellerslie Lake...that's for sure. Right now {her time} her "neighborhood" is lit up with dull red lights about every eight to ten feet.

That's enough to make my stomach churn.

But she's still got that irrepressible smile, because she has HOPE. 

My sister is her sponsor, and the program is changing her life. She couldn't ask me enough questions about Caroline - hanging on every detail and asking over and over again when she was going to come visit. She prays for my sister every night, and has her letter carefully saved away. 

That's humbling. Who's sponsoring who, anyway?

I want to be there when they meet for the first time. I'll probably cry. They probably will too. And there's beauty in that - and there's beauty in the unity they have now, even though they're thousands of miles, an ocean, a sixteen hour plane flight apart.

I can't emphasize enough - it MATTERS. Relationships matter. "Sacrificing" time, money and energy matters. Every child in these photos is a real, live little person with a beating heart, an active mind, and an eternal soul. Once you see it, experience it, hug these precious ones and hear the'll never be the same again and you won't be able to shut up about it either.

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  1. Liza, Thank you so much for advocating for these precious little ones. I loved seeing your photos and everything you shared coming out of a heart overflowing with love for them. I totally agree, we can't and shouldn't shut up about exposing the plight of the "least of these" all around the world. They need our prayers and the unending LOVE of Jesus that comes to them through us.Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder that relationships matter and that sacrificing time, money and energy matters. I'm blessed to know you. Susan