Saturday, April 5, 2014

life captured // 4.5.2014

I'm sitting in the family room, enjoying a cozy fire, pleasantly listening to the hum of activity around me. The boys and Susannah are in bed, Catherine and Alicia are working on math, Dad's filing his nails (??), Caroline's working on her Camp Nano book, and I'm playing around with/configuring my new baby 11" MacBook Air - affectionately dubbed "Agnes" (think: "It's so fluffy I'm going to DIE!"), and Mama (planner extraordinaire) and Dao are working on his and Alicia's wedding plans - with everyone else putting in their two cents and saying random things. Just a happy family evening - made more special with the "big kids" staying overnight...older siblings rock, just saying, and I miss them when they're not here.

We've been a little preoccupied with Captain America over here as well, since the four of us girls and Dad with a posse of friends went to see The Winter Soldier on Thursday night. More on that later, as I process what I thought of the movie. I hope to give it a pretty in-depth review on here in the next few weeks - I just want to wait till more people have a chance to see it so the discussion can be multi-sided.

And I'm feeling reflective. And my heart is feeling a little achy. In just three days, I'm switching my Virginia home for my Colorado home - and while I'm actually more excited about this semester than I was about my Basic semester - it's going to be harder to leave.

It's been seven months since I graduated, seven sweet and life-filled months here at home with my family. I knew the time would fly - but not this fast. It's not been easy, but the blessings FAR outweighed the struggles, and I wouldn't trade any of it for even a year at Ellerslie.

The Lord taught me dependence on Him. He's showed me that there is great joy and peace in waiting. I've spent many a late night on my knees, resting in His presence, filled with His grace and blessed to be His child. My Mama taught me to cook a chicken, plan meals in advance (harder than it sounds, folks), teach little people in a way that they respond, and helped me manage my time better. We've grown closer, not just as mother and daughter, but as sister and sister in Christ. She's a gem. My Dad taught me how to cut my brothers' hair, manage my time, turn everything over to the Lord and wait on Him with hope and expectancy, encourage my siblings and look for the best in them.

The beautiful truth is that I'm closer to each member of my family. I know my siblings better, we have more fun together, home life has a decidedly positive atmosphere for me. Some relationships have been harder than others to rebuild, and healing is still taking place, but the Lord is so merciful to us all.

God is doing great things and will continue to do great things in my life - and this semester is going to be no exception. Honestly, I'm struggling some with the thought that this seven month season is practically over and a new phase of my life is beginning. I'm not one to be daunted by change, but I do sometimes have a hard time moving on - I hold onto things, people, events, ideas. Even though I'm thrilled, giddy actually, and filled with joy for these next two months - leaving is bittersweet.

I'm loving these last few days at home - living them for all their worth, enjoying every minute. I've spent priceless time with friends and family, including a night with my older sister enjoying quality sister/bridesmaid time - since by the time I come back, she'll be two weeks away from her wedding day (!!!). So it's little things - movie nights with church friends, spontaneous hoedowns, coffee dates, relaxing evenings at home, wedding discussions and planning with Dao and Alicia, quiet devotion times with Mama and Dad in the morning - that I'm soaking up right now.

Do you ever get that feeling that you're living a story that ONLY GOD could be writing? That's the feeling I have. And it's better than a feeling, because it's true.

For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
the Lord bestows favor and honor.
No good thing does he withhold
from those who walk uprightly.
O Lord of hosts,
blessed is the one who trusts in you!
- Psalm 84

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  1. Oh, Liza! I can relate to this so much. I too have grown closer to my family, and I have had the joy of being "homemaker" beside my mother. I think I will probably be going back to Ellerslie in August and the feelings I have are exactly as yours! It was fun reading this, and I sure do miss you and singing musicals with ya! Blessings in Him sister and I pray that this next season in your life would be a joy. Love you Liza!!! <3