Tuesday, April 8, 2014

shameless plug for my kiddos

(I'm trying to get back into Colorado lingo - hence the "kiddos"^ I refuse to say "what-not", but I'm sure it'll worm its way back into my vocab soon enough)

Remember these precious faces?

I thought so. They've made multiple appearances on this here blog, and have been a sweet and powerful part of my life for almost eighteen months - starting before they even arrived in the United States.

These children are part of this year's choir for His Little Feet - a ministry based out of Ellerslie. To quote their website:
His Little Feet is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Windsor, CO. His Little Feet International Children’s Choir has consisted of children from China, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, India, S. Korea, and the United States, all of whom have traveled the United States being the voice for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.
As a part of the choir, the children participate in a culturally unique experience, while at the same time, impacting others in need around the world through the His Little Feet nationwide campaign called “(be in on it) – give. sponsor. go. adopt.” These four practical response opportunities impact thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.
While the children are in the States, they also participate in His Little Feet’s Life Training Academy (academics; performing arts; and life skills training). The experiences these precious children have over this short season of time changes their lives forever. 
In a nutshell, that's HLF. ^

The Lord has been so gracious in not only allowing me to pray these particular children to the States over a period of eight months, but they also were on campus during my Basic semester, *and* have been in my hometown TWICE in the past six months to sing and share their testimony. I have been blessed to see first hand how HLF has impacted these seven children, and they are so very, very dear to my heart.

This Saturday, I'll be participating in a 5K walk/run in Windsor to support His Little Feet and raise money to bring children over for the 2013-2014 choir. As heart wrenching as it will be to say goodbye to Eni, Chhuani, Vena, Zuala, Dami, Kima and David, I know God has *big big* plans for their lives, and He also has a plan for the next set of children - wherever they are from, whatever their background - and I'm excited to open my heart to them when they arrive.

The neat thing is that y'all can be involved in this too! There's a couple ways you can do this.

~ First (quickest and easiest), you can sponsor me in the 5K by donating to His Little Feet {http://grouprev.com/hislittlefeet-lizam}. Every little bit counts, blessings on you if you feel led in this way!
~ Secondly, you can host a HLF concert in your area - it's a bit more work, but I cannot even BEGIN to tell you what a blessing it will be to you, your church and your church family to have these precious ones in your homes and lives for a few days.
~ Thirdly, if you can't host a concert, attend one! You'll be encouraged, challenged, and walk away with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Check the schedule and see if they're coming near you!
~ Finally, and Most Importantly, PRAY. Pray for God to work in mighty ways, drawing people from every tribe and nation to Himself, and opening the eyes of His people to plight of the fatherless. The Lord Himself has promised to be the Defender of the widow and orphan, and a Father to the fatherless - and if we are His hands and feet, His body, it's part of our ministry to serve those who the Father loves.

So there's my plug - I love these children, I love this ministry, and I love y'all, so naturally I want y'all involved in any ways you can be :)

If you give, attend, host or pray, I thank you for opening your heart to these children. There's no regret in giving our time and resources to things nearest to God's heart.

With love,

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