Thursday, May 29, 2014

out with Aubrey

The other night, just for fun and because we felt spontaneous, Aubrey and I went out for frozen yogurt. Well, who knew, but froyo place closes at 7pm (keep in mind, current and future Windsor residents!) so we just zipped down the road a-ways to House of Windsor and got ice cream instead. Well, she got ice cream (pistachio and almond) and I got a milkshake (chocolate and peanut butter). 

Then, because we didn't feel like sitting down to eat it, we walked across the parking lot to the park at Windsor Lake and peeked in the windows of the old-fashioned prairie buildings and looked at the trains.

"Do Not Climb."

Shortly after we got back to campus, the sky lit up with one of the most stunning sunsets of the semester. Ellerslie sunsets are not to be compared with, and this one was a DOOZY.

Peter was really after the perfect shot....notice the water level on the cross. In case you're wondering, no, the cross is not supposed to be in the lake *at all*. We've just had some flooding the past week and it happens to be enjoying a little swim at the moment.

Sarah made a bunny friend, "Isaiah Chuckles", who was the life of the party for a few hours. He's back in his natural habitat now, and seems to be doing great.

Okay, I always thought pelicans were near the ocean. But we have like a FLOCK of sixteen or something of them living on Lake Ellerslie right now...they're very interesting.

Hard to believe...only three full days left on this beautiful campus. These seven weeks *flew* by! God has been so faithful to all of us, growing us and shaping us to be more like Him everyday. These are truly precious brothers and sisters - what a joy it has been to grow and challenge each other in the faith these past two months!