Thursday, June 5, 2014

{summer days in the South - 6.5.14}

this week:
- graduation weekend at Ellerslie. Bittersweet, but so exciting as we all branch out and follow Jesus in our various hometowns or wherever we're headed.
- our flying adventure from Denver to Greenville with two different stops along the way, but never leaving our plane. We sort of camped out in the back rows and made friends with the flight attendants and stretched our legs in the aisles while they unloaded and boarded new passengers. It was a long time, but we didn't seem to be the worse for it.
- I am now officially back in the South, and OH, how LOVELY it is! Hot and humid, eighty to ninety degrees everyday, *trees*, deep front porches, home-like accents, and the feeling of home. It's good to be back!
- whiffle ball game, end of the school year party for Landon and Harmony, and a rather energetic game of ball tag our second evening back :)

- going over to Joel's to drop off something they left over here, and ending up visiting with Christi and the children for over two hours and seeing their new house and enjoying the warm weather on the porch.
- late night, post-church coffee excursion for free coffee at Main Street Coffee Company (happy 5th anniversary!) We got there at five-till closing, and stayed not too long - but it was still fun, the whole posse of us seven or so young adults :)
- finding out (while sitting on the sofa before supper, randomly checking email) more officially what I'm doing next year...stay tuned!!!!
- pool party with Christi's little people to give her some time to get stuff done around the house :)

- I thought we were nearly done with the "are you related?" question with the Gingeriches, but this past week, I was asked twice (once by a graduation attendee and once by a flight attendant) if I was sister to two different members of their family. Both times, after we said "no", the person responded, "Y'all look like twins!" Well, well, well.
- Maddie turned 18 yesterday! I wasn't there, but what a milestone. The Morales girls are growing up! It's hard to believe that we're still the same little girls from years ago, just with new stories and new experiences and more maturity. Time truly goes by in a blink! Love you, Maddie! <3

- preparing for the Set Apart Girl conference! It's starts tomorrow and runs till Sunday. Super excited to see how God's going to use it. We're simulcasting it from the Gingeriches church....if you're within driving distance of Abbeville, y'all should come! (seriously, if you want to, email me)

- last, but certainly not least, we had chocolate milk today. Life is good, folks.

"Yet God my King is from of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth....Yours is the day, yours also the night; you have established the heavenly lights and the sun. You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter." - Psalm 74

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