Tuesday, July 22, 2014

diy summer pedicure

I was contacted by Abbey from Julep last week, inviting me to create my own perfect DIY summer pedicure. Of course I was excited and inspired! My sisters and I love doing our nails, and during the summer, when we're at the pool all the time and the chlorine strips our nail polish off after just a couple days, we do them pretty often.

For a real, at-home pedicure, I always start by clipping and filing my nails, and softening them up with a little foot bath. Since we are at the pool daily, and I rarely wear shoes anyway, my feet are pretty calloused, so I didn't bother trying to make the soles of my feet super smooth...save that for the cooler seasons. *chuckle*

Anyway, onto the polish!

We have a rather extensive, if slightly motly-looking, selection of nail polish in our collection. We've gathered from every brand imaginable, and have pretty much every color under the sun. Too many choices can be just as hard to work with sometimes! But I found my favorites and got to work.

I have no fancy nail decor tools, so when I want to make polka dots, I use the head of a straight pin. It's a little harder to control the size sometimes, but it makes for a unique, no-two-dots-alike look that I find fun and sort of like my own personality. (there, Kate, definitely my bohemian streak coming out :P)

Top coat! Maybe it'll last a little longer than normal....maybe.

I did my fingernails to match, just for fun, but a little more on the subtle side. Just one flower per hand, and no blue *grin*

Thanks, Julep, for the inspiration and incentive to do something pretty with my nails this week! Check out their shop for some fantastic nail polish colors and products.

What are some of your favorite summer nail polish colors/styles? And those of y'all who swim all summer, any tips for keeping nail polish on in chlorine?

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