Thursday, July 10, 2014

summer memories. {age seven}

independence day ice cream at the beach // july 4. 2002

One summer, when I was seven, we spent the week of the Fourth at our friends' grandparents' beach house in North Carolina. The day itself consisted of a show (directed by Peter and I) that the four of us girls and their two boys put on for the adults, and then drumsticks out on the porch afterwards. I don't remember a whole lot, except that Catherine and Tyler had one real part, and that was running across our "stage" shouting "Victory!" and "Hurray!", and we hand-wrote the programs (which we all know are most important part of a show) on notebook paper, and that we had some kind of dried bananas or something for Intermission.

During the trip, we also visited a shrimp processing dock, and for the first time, this little southern girl saw with her own eyes that shrimp are *not* in fact, orange, when they come out of the water. And they have legs and heads and tails and eye balls....who knew, right? I also used a vending machine for the first time in my life - pretty sure I got a Sprite or Mountain Dew...something in a green-ish-yellow-ish can. On the days we spent at the beach, we would catch these itty-bitty little crabs and race them across the sand. They had a sailboat too...I'm pretty sure we sailed in it....but we may have just climbed into it and pretended. *grin* We had Fruit Loops for breakfast, and one night we had Flounder...which I had trouble eating at first, due to my affection for the little blue and yellow stripy fish most of us associate with the name. *chuckle*

Oh, and we also started out the trip with the stomach bug, which we passed on to them by the end of the week, but we pretend that part didn't happen. *cough*

Anyway....just random summer memories...all from running across a picture in a scrapbook. *grin* It's the little things, folks.

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  1. Your shows sound so much like the ones Kay would talk us into performing when we were little. :) Disorganized kids, hand drawn programs, outrageous costumes, extreme silliness...and a whole lot of good memories.