Sunday, July 13, 2014

takes one to know one {moments of humanity}

It was a day in early April, and I was on top of the world. Rolling my Little Blue Monogrammed Suitcase through the Charlotte-Douglas Airport, my teddy bear perched on my luggage, a song in my heart, on my way to Colorado. I had also just come off a wonderful final few days with my family, during which my Dad, sisters and friends went to see Captain America 2 - the best of the movies to grace theatre screens this year, imho. In other words, I was happy. And perky. And feeling a little nutty.

So you know those thingys that are like escalators but they're flat and just help you walk faster that they have at airports? There's usually a sign above them that says, "Stand to the right, walk to the left." Most of the time I just stand and "rest", but that day I was feeling chipper and didn't want to stop, so I Walked to the Left.

Well, there was this guy ahead of me, sort of the tall, muscular athletic type with braids (not dreads) past his shoulders, looked like a nice guy - sort of reminded me of home and the South and football season and all that good stuff - who was Standing to the Right. And I'm not sure what put this idea into my head, but he was wearing some kind of superhero t-shirt...maybe Captain America? *grin*


So I'm coming up behind him and I get this crazy-awesome idea and I grin to myself as I walk past and I say,

"On your left."

I felt him turn as I passed, and I turned my head over my shoulder and kinda did that head-nod thing (you know, sorta jerk your chin up a little with a little grin) and kept going, and heard him laugh behind me.

Us Captain 'Merica fans know each other - no doubt about it *grin*


  1. ...And that's just one of the reasons we love you. <3

  2. This put a smile to my face. :)