Friday, July 18, 2014

you know you're a swim team family when..., your siblings, and subsequently your clothes, bed, room, house, etc. all smell of chlorine and sunscreen around the supper table is usually mostly discussion of everyone's times, our chances at winning the next meet, and some story about something the New Coaches did at practice today

...the biggest breaking news every week is WHO IS ON THE RELAY??? Or, once that's known, what *order* are they going in...and is it the medley or free relays this week anyway? are in an ongoing, never ceasing battle against The Tans - the most notorious being the Shorts Tan, the Strap Tan and the Sunglasses Tan. Also coming up, often by ambush, the guerrilla warriors of the Flip-Flop Tan and the Tshirt/Coverup Neckline Tan. And less of a problem, but still in consideration, you have the Ring and Watch/Bracelet Tans - gotta keep tabs on those too! Boys have to deal with the Jammers Tan...but for some reason, no one cares about that one. Whatever.

...days are not measured by how many hours you spend at the pool, but how many hours you DON'T.

...all that's needed in life can be found in the cooler, the pool bag or Mama's purse.

...speaking of coolers....unloading those things after a swim meet is the....less glamorous side of this sport... basically live by these four Pool Rules: (stole these from our friends the K's, by the way)
1. Be a Light
2. Do Your Best
3. Wear Your Flip-flops in the Bathroom
4. Don't Lose Your Stuff

...keeping the beach towels dry and folded and ready for tomorrow is a full-time, on-the-list, honest-to-goodness CHORE. can't remember the last time everyone ate breakfast together, since the Early Morning Practice folks leave, well, early and everyone else just pushes wake-up time till the last possible minute

...your ten-year-old brother walks into the kitchen after practice one afternoon with a dejected look on his face, and when you ask him whats wrong, he lifts doleful eyes and says in a mournful tone, "I am doomed to a life of shame." Well, good gracious, why is that, buddy?! "I have to swim fifty butterfly in the meet and I am going to drown." That would do it. Sorry, dude.

...half of the family is partially deaf at any given point due to perpetual outbreaks of swimmer's ear forget what it's like wear "normal clothes", and what you even look like in them. Crazy life.

...your hair is in a constant state of dampness

...the first question asked when you get back from morning practice and everyone's settling down for Mandatory Rest Time is, "Who's going to afternoon practice? Who's driving?"

...everyone drags themselves around the house in exhaustion in the evening, often crashing around 9pm, and no one thinks twice about it're playing musical cars every day depending on who's going to which practice, who's coaching in the afternoon and who's too sick with whatever random virus is going around to go at all suddenly don't hardly seen ANY of your "normal" friends for weeks at a time, and start wondering whether you ever had any, since your Swim Team Family always gets so close over the course of two months and nearly all of your activities (even some non-swim-team-related ones) involve them....and yet you know you probably will hardly see them at all during the year, until next summer :)

...your life is ordered around the swim team calendar, and about two weeks before Champs you start to realize that pretty soon, you'll have *every day free*...and the thought is a little scary.

...Champs. Need I say more?

...when you're going, going, going all day and are tired more often then not, but everyone (even Mama) enjoys it because it's summer time in the South and it's swim team, and honestly, there's not much else we'd rather be doing :)


  1. Cracking up at Michael. (At least I think it's Michael. PLEASE tell me Luke isn't ten.) :D

    1. It was Luke. He's ten, Michael is almost twelve.... :D