Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{labor day in colorado}

Yes, this has been a long time in coming. Most of y'all are wondering where I am and what I'm doing. I'm hoping to give a real update in the next week or so when I can share details, for but now, here are a few answers to FAQs:

1. Yes, I am in Colorado.
2. No, I do not know how long I will be here.
3. No, I am not a student....
4. ...but Yes, I am living at Ellerslie.
5. If you think you know what I'm doing, you're probably right.

How's that? *wink*

Today I spent all day with five people who, over the past ten days, I have come to love and respect more than I ever thought I would or could. Of course, we actually pretty much already spend all day together every day, but today was different, since it was a holiday. *grin*

Ohhhh.....this crew. We have challenged each other, laughed with (and at) each other, encouraged each other, stretched each other, and pressed each other forward toward the high calling to which we have been called. We're united in the Spirit, one in Christ, with a common focus and attitude. Honestly, I tear up and my heart swells when I think of them....they've already rocked my world in a million ways and we're *just* getting started!

Okay, enough of that. *wipes eyes and sniffles* Back to the story.

This morning, we hiked Horsetooth Falls, which wasn't very long or strenuous, but had lots of spots to explore. A new favorite for sure. We didn't actually take a picture with the Falls, since we got distracted, but that's okay.

my Courtney! Roommate, friend, co-worker, teammate, sister, you name it, she's it. Love her!

the three musketeers. David, Rachel, and Katie....they keep us on our toes.

This is Katie. She scares me sometimes. But I love her too, of course :)

see that little yellow spot on top of the rock? That's Josh. It's a long story how he got there. The long and short of it is, it took him 9 minutes and 45 seconds.

The four of us (David, Josh, Court and I) had lunch at Ellerslie, then jaunted out to DQ for blizzards and milkshakes. Sometimes its the little things, folks, those small gestures of generosity and kindness that touch us the most. Blessed to be part of a team that sees and knows that.

We decided to grill out for supper at Katie's, which required a store run. I have to say, shopping with this Second Family of mine is probably some of the most fun - in a quiet, hilarious kind of way - that I've ever had. Discussing everything from preservatives to nutrition facts to Sweet Baby Ray barbecue sauce to tomatoes to what kind of ice cream we should buy to whether we get something 'cause it's the cheaper option or the healthier one - let's just say we learned a lot about each other.

Funny story behind this two liter coke bottle....there's been an ongoing discussion between us about Coke and Pepsi, with three for and one against. (but none of us actually drink soft drinks regularly anyway) David and I were put in charge of grabbing drinks right before we checked out, so we scooted down the aisle and David (Mr. Pepsi Forever) asked, "What kind do you want? *pause* You want Coke, don't you?" I just grinned at him. He picked one off the shelf, handed it to me and grabbed a ginger ale too. I turned the Coke over, and "Would you look at that?! It says, 'Share a Coke with the TEAM." It was meant to be! :)

So the guys grilled the burgers, us girls chopped tomatoes and onions and set everything out, and we all played with the kids that were over. We hung out for several hours, just enjoying fellowship and laughter and the break from work and training.

Honestly, though, it's been incredible. Watching the Spirit move and work in each of us, and the way He's going above and beyond all we could ask or think, is powerful. It gives you that feeling of smallness...realizing our lives are so not about us, and that we're part of a much bigger story of redemption and salvation. Our lives aren't just about Jesus, we're supposed to BE Jesus. And it's a beautiful thing to see that unfolding in the lives of those I love so much.

(missing David, 'cause he took the photo. But you'll see more of him later, I promise.)

Happy Labor Day from Colorado! *grin*

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Liza. What a beautiful team for His Little Feet! Rich blessings to you all in our Lord!