Monday, September 15, 2014

{pizza night}

The four of us on-campus staff cook/throw together all of our own meals every day. We're actually saving quite a bit of money, and having fun with it as we go. But it is nice to get and do something different than salad and sandwiches every now and again. *grin* 

Our dear teammate Katie, who happens to live right here with her parents and siblings, invited us over one night last week to make pizza and finish up some videos we needed to watch for training, and of course we couldn't say no! So we spent a fun evening over at her house making supper and fellowshipping. A taste of home!

When you're away from home, even little things, like making pizza together, mean so much more. So thankful that I'm making such fun new memories with my Second Family! God is so good to give us little gifts like that, just to make us smile, because He loves us!

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