Monday, September 29, 2014

the power of the RESTORED.

My Abba is a God of Restoration. That's His specialty. He *loves* to do it. He delights to take broken people and make them whole. In fact, that's why He came to earth in the first place. He created us to be intimate with Him, and we messed that up, but He loved us so much (because, get this: HE. IS. LOVE.) that He gave up His own precious Son so that He could bring us back to Him.

That's beautiful, beautiful restoration.

I went from being a miserable sinner, caught in a pattern of defeat and hopelessness, to being a precious and beloved Daughter of my Daddy, with a new identity, a new life, a new heart, and a new mind. He gave me a clean slate, wiped it all, and sealed my adoption papers with the blood of my Beloved Jesus.

That's beautiful, beautiful restoration.


He doesn't stop there. The life of Jesus becomes my life, because His Life comes to live inside me - and that's the Holy Spirit. He's pretty awesome, because He's everything. I'm just a vessel for Him to fill and use. And with this new Life bubbling up inside of me, that Restoring Nature that is such a beautiful attribute of my Abba becomes mine.

Which means relationships on earth get restored too.



And that's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Over the past few months, as this particular aspect of walking by the Spirit has taken root in my soul, I've wept tears of joy over how precious it is to see the unity of heaven come down to earth by the Spirit in the lives of the saints. Grudges, misunderstandings, pain, hurts, and grief melt away when I see exactly who I am in Jesus - and even though others might not fully understand, I'm free to love them, serve them, pour out my life for them without reluctance or bitterness. I may never get an apology, never get that kind of expected or "typical" reconciliation, but the peace in my soul is above and beyond the natural. It doesn't really matter anymore, 'cause it isn't about me, and I'm free to love like Jesus did - unconditionally.

The Restoration I received at the Cross gets to be translated into my daily life here on earth. 


That's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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