Friday, October 24, 2014

// reflections of the almost 20 year old \\

It's the annual, sober reflection post, where I wax eloquent on the amazing Jesus-filled-ness of the previous year, and talk about my dreams for the future, or desires for the next year. And every year, I look back at the previous year and think, "Eeeesh, that was sentimental..." but then I'm so thankful I wrote it, 'cause it's quite amazing to see how God answers prayers and goes above and beyond.

Last year, I was home, helping teach my two youngest siblings, packing up our farm to move (*sob*), and had just hosted a His Little Feet concert. And I had no idea what I was going to do next. And just one short year later, I'm living in Colorado, on staff with said ministry, "Auntie" to five incredible youngsters, with Lord willing ten more on the way.

I'm blessed beyond belief, on the adventure of a life time, and in a spiritual battle that leaves me ready to rest each night, and excited to start each new day and see the power of my God made manifest in my life, and the lives of the children and the people around me.

I'll be twenty years old tomorrow, and I don't know if I have twenty more years to live, or twenty days, or twenty hours, but I'm here on earth for a reason, and every minute counts. I want to be spent completely - physically, emotionally, spiritually - for this world, just like Jesus was, and go out with flying colors.

I know it's weird to think about dying when it's your birthday...but it's not really dying I'm thinking about. The only reason I'm here and not with Jesus right now is because I'm bearing His image to a lost world, and He has a mission for me. That's my life purpose. I'm not looking for my purpose, I have it. I'm not looking for a mission, I'm living it. Right now, that means I'm Mama to five-going-on-fifteen, but it won't always be that. I'm just living the life Jesus has for me, and loving it to pieces.

 It doesn't matter to me how long it lasts, how much time I have, or even whether "my" desires get fulfilled on earth. I'd love to get married, have my own children, manage my own home, and Jesus knows that, but He also knows that wherever HE IS is home for I'm 100% at peace with being twenty and my life looking like *nothing* I ever thought about when I was thirteen.

I don't know - as I'm always saying, "We have the best life!" Why would I want to live any way else? More "security", more "clarity", more "stability"? Who is more stable than the Rock of my Salvation? If trusting Him means I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow for the rest of my life, then bring it on!



Okay, that was my reflection. Now I'm about to get real sentimental, because sometimes I do that, and apparently it's something people notice about me (which is a funny thought)...a


I know it's my birthday tomorrow, and that's usually when other people say stuff about me, so I'm hijacking today to say just how ridiculously thankful I am for some really special people. And I'm going to be specific, since they're that awesome. And, yes, you guessed's my team. I'm spending my 21st year with some incredible folks, and that's the best birthday present ever.

Belay...Honestly, when I realized I was going to be working with you, I had a bit of a star-struck moment...I're THE *Uncle Ben*.....but it's been incredible, even in just the past three weeks. Your life is such a testimony, and the way you pour yourself out, giving back what Jesus has given to you, is powerful to see. You keep us laughing (often with tears streaming down our cheeks and our abs aching as if we've been working out) on a daily basis, and yet you also are constantly reminding us of the battle we're in for the kids, and you are always pointing us back to Christ. I appreciate you so much...this is going to be an amazing year.

Katie...when did I ever *not* know you? Has it really only been since August that we met? Crazy. I love your sweet spirit, your contagious and hilarious and frequent laugh, your artsy-ness, your tenderness with children, and your pure and precious heart for your King. I love that you're on our team this year - what an adventure it's already been to get us to this point, and what a road ahead! Your hugs, your love, your passion are so dear to me - the way you share your family with us, and the example y'all are to us of unity as a family is a blessing...I love you, girly.

Courtney...oh, my girl! What a privilege it is to work with you! I love your heart, your confidence in the power of your Savior, your joy, and your complete utter love for your Beloved Jesus. I love your mother's heart for our children, and your desire to see them know their Heavenly Daddy. Oh, Court...we've laughed so much in the past few months, cried too, and grown each other....girl, it is a *privilege* to walk this road with you. I love your laugh, the way you cock your head on one side and say, "Guys..." when you have something to say, and your love of the color yellow. I love you.

David...haha! I don't even know what to say...What do rubber bands, bouncy balls, dish towels, water, Veggie Tales, leaves, Bob Marley, and pillows have in common? *cough* Never mind. You just keep my life interesting - and that's totally
okay. But it's not just the fun we have together, or your laugh, or your incessant teasing that I'm thankful's your heart for others, and the way you go out of your way to check on the folks you love, and be there for them when they need you. Tender-heartedness is a strength - and if that's the case, then you've got some serious muscles, bro. You're a ten.

Josh...not sure how to start this...maybe "Thank You" would be enough. Your passion for Truth, and for sharing it, and the way you demonstrate what a life led by the Spirit looks like is a powerful testimony. You bring such strength to our team. And there's all the little things that keep me chuckling - like your facial expressions, your airport voice you use when you're doing "take off" with the boys, your ridiculous organizing/home decorating skills, and even the way you walk...but really, it's the Jesus I see in you that I appreciate the most. Thank you, Josh.


Golly, I love them.




Wait, a sec. My birthday is tomorrow! MY BIRTHDAY! It feels like it's been a while since my last one...maybe a year? YAY! I love birthdays. Especially mine. ;)

Folks, I'll be twenty tomorrow....
...and it's going to be the best year yet!


  1. Happy 20th birthday, Liza! I love YOU so much. You're such a sweet friend.

    -Emilie M.

  2. Ah, I may or may not have been tearing up next to you while reading this, hiding behind my computer screen. haha. You are the best. Thank you for being you and letting Jesus be big in you. He so delights to fill us to the full and then some with His greatness. What a mighty King we serve! He is so kind to give me you, His beloved daughter. He looks out for me :) You're a blessing to my life. Praising Jesus for all He is going to work through you this year. I'm delighted to have a front row seat. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I love you a ton. I'm so excited to adventure with you this year into such greater depths of our sweet Jesus! What JOY!

    -Auntie Court