Saturday, January 3, 2015

{ to make an end is to make a beginning }

It's 2015. Which is hard to believe. Another year over, and a new one just begun.

This is going to be the best year of my life so far. (claiming that because, why not?)

It'll probably bring the most change to my little world, second only to 2007.

I'm expecting incredible things out of this year. Last year was the hardest year I've gone through spiritually, and yet was most definitely my year of most growth. I'm in such a different place than I was last's amazing and can only be attributed to the Spirit of Jesus at work.

Right now, I'm tucked away in the mountains of Colorado. We are on our way with the team to Southern California for six weeks of tour west of Colorado, and another six weeks or more of tour in the midwest and east coast. It's crazy, to think how long we'll be gone, and yet so exciting to think of all the states and places we're going to be, and all the people we're going to meet.

This Christmas was beautiful. Christmas Eve was hard, missing family and traditions and all, but there was such an outpouring of grace on the entire week...Christmas Day was absolutely precious time with the remaining staff and children - memories I wouldn't trade for the world. Jesus knew exactly what each of us needed, and truly graced us staff who didn't go home with Himself in such a special way. So many moments and conversations of getting to know each other better, or just quiet evenings of being together and letting silence speak. Different than any other holiday I've ever had, but wonderful in it's way.

With 2014 ending, there was such a sweet opportunity to start over and leave what happened last year in last year. To let go of everything, be thankful for the lessons learned, and look forward to more growth and joy in this upcoming year. There are going to be so many beautiful moments, so much more of Jesus to learn and to fall in love with, so much of life to be lived. There will also be hard things, but they will be turned to glory for His sake.

I'm welcoming this new season with open arms. With tour starting in full gear, the day after New Year's, it's definitely a new start in a literal sense. Here I am, here's where Jesus has me, here's to what He's doing and the way He loves us. He's my favorite, and every year with Him gets sweeter and more beautiful.

So with all that...

Hey, 2015 - it's nice to see ya.

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
T.S. Eliot


  1. That bit of Eliot. </3 Your words bless me, Liza.


    Happy new year, dear friend. :)