Wednesday, September 16, 2015

fall style book // denim and gold

Being home after being on the road for twelve months has posed an interesting, but not super problematic, problem. Clothes. After wearing essentially the same thing all year, now I have choices...and a little bit of a lack of imagination on how to actually wear them. Ha. Also, my style has changed quite a bit since I last really went through my closet, so it was definitely time for a makeover.

I sent a huge bin to Goodwill, and I'm down to my few favorite classic pieces, with room for new things as I happen across them. It's been an adventure that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and I thought I'd share some of my recent inspirations with you all as we move into autumn.

Autumn is my favorite season, and in these few transitional weeks of hot to warm weather to warmer to cooler to warmer again with a hot day thrown in, clothes need to be easily layered and versatile.

This is my outfit from this past Sunday.

This necklace is a new favorite! I found it on clearance at Belk, and ended up paying about $7 for it. (which, if you ever have tried shopping for new jewelry, you know that's a steal!) It goes with EVERYTHING and is just gypsy enough for me, and yet can also appear more classic I want it to. I wear it *all the time*.

My orange bracelet was made by friends of my sister's, who run a ministry that supports women in Africa. I've had it forever, and besides the fact that it goes with practically everything I have, it reminds of that precious place each time I put it on. See their website here: pretty purposeful.

The dress was thrifted by the lovely Darby Stouffer @ Darby's Dresses, and I bought it from her. It's a spaghetti strap, and since the weather was beautifully cool on Sunday morning, I paired it with a tank top and threw my trusty-rusty denim jacket over it to make it just right, but with the option of not having to wear the jacket if the day warmed up.

By the way, if you haven't checked out Darby's shop, you should! I've bought dresses from her before, before she had a business, and loved her reasonable prices and quality selection. And now I'm a repeat customer to Darby's Dresses and I'm happy as a clam! 

My boots are the same old brown ones I bought at Nordstrom's on my 17th birthday - the day Mama and I went to Washington D.C. to see Les Miserables. (<-- yes, I linked it. You're welcome - a little dose of young Liza never hurt anyone...eesh..) They're a little scuffed on the toes (due to a poor decision on my young(er) self to play *soccer* in them for a few minutes in the *mud*....oh, Liza....) but holding up just fine and I'm so happy each year when I get to break them out.

I'm planning on doing quite a few more of these (my new project, ha!) so stay tuned. Have a lovely day, my friends! Autumn is coming....