Sunday, January 10, 2016

winter stylebook // purple and polkadots

back to blogging after way too long...really praying about what to write about on here in this new year.  the past five months have been life-changing, soul-shaping, heart-altering, and out of this world and I really want to start sharing some of it with you all. the past three-ish months specifically have been very impactful, and I feel like a completely different person. Yay, Jesus!

anyway. today's outfit is honestly pretty reflective of the changes in my life. I've started exploring my personality a little more, who I am, what I like and don't like, and trying new things. I have a rather....hilarious personality type (if you're the myers-briggs sort, i'm pretty much a classic enfp.) and a very short attention span, so new things are always super fun and exciting for me, and I'm not afraid to mess up and start over if necessary. And especially now that Jesus has done so much soul-work and my confidence in His love is through the roof...I've gotten even crazier. *mysterious laugh*

I've always wanted fun tights, so I finally splurged a little and picked up a few pairs from Target to see what I thought. These are gray and black polka dots, and are technically sweater tights - aka. SUPER warm and cozy *and* cute.

note on my classic trusty rusty boots: yay for dads who love leather and polishing up these favorites after they went through a year of tour in slowly progressing disrepair. Thank you, Daddy! (he also did my cowboy boots which look uh-maaaazing now!

short skirts are something I've not really tried to do much with in the past, but for months now have wanted to experiment with. when we took a spontaneous trip to Washington D.C. last week, we hung out in Tyson's Corner one day and I bought this purplish-red standard from Forever 21. I got a couple others too, which you'll be seeing soon as I keep playing around with my clothes.

I've done so much wardrobe cleaning out and buying of new things in the past couple I feel like I pretty much only have what I wear, and plenty of combinations and colors and patterns to play with. It's been super fun so far and I love using the same pieces to get different looks depending on the day and occasion.

My gray shirt is from Old Navy...loose fitting and soft, I wear it tucked in, belted, loose, layered...any way you can think of it, it works.

The belt is off a sweater dress I bought at Walmart on tour last year. I wear it with....everything. Stretchy and versatile and never too tight, it's the perfect accent for most of my skirts and dresses.

But here's my favorite piece of my outfit by far.

My necklace.

If my life had a motto, it would be this.


The only way I can spend my days loving others and being poured out for the Kingdom of Heaven is if I know, beyond a doubt, that I am loved by my Abba Father. It's HIS love that enables me to live the life I'm called to, and live fully in the freedom and joy He died to purchase for me.

Every morning, my call is to get up, get moving, and be love to the world....because He loved me first.

And, as most of you know, almost all of my jewelry has some sort of sentimental value, and this piece is no different. The necklace was a gift from my very best friend, who knows this truth very well and has been my joyful companion in so many "go be love" adventures...and many more to come. All kinds of stories about that....for another day...

So here's to a new year of love, life, and ever more of Jesus! There's so much in store for each of us in the next twelve, sorrow, laughter, love, pain, hurt, forgiveness, peace, and a never ending source of strength for whatever we may encounter. Friends, give your year, your story, to Jesus...and let Him show you what He can do in just one, willing life.

{picture credits to my budding photographer sister and pal, the lovely Caroline.}


  1. Victoria GingerichJanuary 11, 2016 at 9:58 AM

    I like your outfit Liza! i have some tights almost identical and i love them :)

  2. Blushing a little...
    1 Tim 2:9-10
    1 Peter 3:1-4
    Proverbs 31:10, 22, 25, 30

    1. "but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious." - 1 Peter 3:4

      Jesus wants our hearts - everything else is just an outflow :)

  3. You are so beautiful. Go be love indeed. Sums it all up. <3

  4. Hmm...a little late commenting here but better late then never, right? This outfit is adorable, YOU are adorable and yes, sweater tights are the best. And that necklace? So perfect. Essentially my theme for the last two years so that's pretty awesome. Sums up so well the GREATEST commandment and our priority as followers of Jesus.