Tuesday, May 3, 2016

{{ traveling scrapbook: the wandering child is home }}


for those who were wondering if my actual return to blogging was legit, and then proceeded to wait the entire month of april and saw nothing, my apologies. i'm currently sitting cross-legged in a chair at the mall waiting for my sister to finish eating supper with her basketball friends, writing this out. it's been one heck of a day...of a week really...and after twenty-two days out of the thirty days of april being on the road, i am HOME for the near future and so glad to be so.

golly. I really don't have words. what. a. month. seriously.

I've been in four states, driven eight hundred and fifty miles, flown four hundred and thirty miles, and met thousands of peoples. I've stayed in three different hotels, had three different rental cars, and been in two airports. welcome to the life of a traveling Compassion IC!

not to mention the countless episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Fixer-Upper" and "Flip or Flop" and "Full House" reruns that I've watched in the past four weeks. don't judge, long hours in a hotel room aren't this extroverts favorite thing and sometimes I just need to hear someone talk...haha.


I love my life. I love my job.

and it's good to be home.

it's also been a life changing week or so. I spent six days in south carolina with some of the world's most amazing people, and got to meet this year's His Little Feet choir. I got to spend time with the love of my life and there's some pretty darn exciting stuff in the works in that regard, so stay tuned...(yes, I have a boyfriend, and have for six months actually, for those who don't know yet...)

this summer is going to be more traveling, more adventures, more exciting things. my instagram is my scrapbook, so for those of you all wanting to keep up in a more tech-savvy way, please follow me over [[ @ liza . morales ]] and for those of you all wondering if my life really is as amazing as it looks, IT IS. *smile* and i love it.


it's not easy.

it's hard to explain it all here, on a blog post in so many words that'll be read by so many people, but my life is not easy. there is a daily battle i've been fighting for two years that threatens me with lies that I'll never be good enough, I'll never measure up, I'll never be "spiritual" or "mature" enough to be anybody. but I also have found that the love of Jesus FREES ME from the opinion of man, and even though it can be a struggle at times, the overwhelming, overarching joy I've discovered in being LIZA, who is known and loved and cherished and treasured, is incomparable. i'm so incredibly blessed to be loved by people who see me for I am, who encourage to be exactly who I was created to be, and who's great joy is running alongside me and sharing life with me in ways that are so selfless and kind that I can't help but grow and thrive.

Jesus doesn't promise us an easy life. we can actually guarantee ourselves that it'll be as hard as all get out. in fact, I know that what Jesus is building in my life is amazing and out of this world simply because the enemy is attacking me on every side daily. that's actually a confidence-boosting fact. the more attack, the greater the victory must be.

He doesn't promise easy. but He promises *abundant*. and dear ones, that is what my life is right now. it's running over, over flowing, abundant, glorious and beautiful. challenging, yes. difficult, yes. but so incredibly worth it.

"I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." - John 10

the wandering child is home for the month, and i'm so glad. ready for a break, ready for rest, ready to learn to live in these new realities and get excited about what's to come.

happy may, everyone!

oh, and please do say hi. i'm curious who actually reads this blog now, after what, five and a half years, so if you read this, check in...it'll make my heart happy to know *hugs*


  1. Really, five and a half years? Wow.
    I'm still here! :)

  2. SO encouraging. Thanks,

  3. So good to hear what God is doing in and through you, Liza. Thanks for being real...I was really blessed by what you shared. Blessings in Christ! Teresa Kranz

  4. Hi, Liza! I read sporadically. :) I've found your blog really encouraging. And feeling like you don't measure up? What a liar the enemy is! I think he gets us comparing ourselves to other "more spiritual" Christians who are often comparing themselves to us, unknown to each other... and each one feels inferior! Beyond thankful that our sufficiency is of HIM! Thank you for the truth - the more attack, the more reason for attack. Funny how threatening it is to the kingdom of darkness when one woman recognizes simply how treasured she is by God. :)

  5. Such a beautiful...sweet...talented...gifted...loving and capable woman. You never cease to amaze me!! God is good!! So very good... Even through the tough times...especially through the tough times!! Can't wait to read about more of your adventures through this crazy thing called life!!

  6. I do enjoy reading your blog, Liza! It consistently cheers me up and challenges me whenever I read it! You have such a beautiful testimony of obedience and joy and enthusiasm about life and about Jesus! Love you!

  7. I love your blog, Liza... and you. We need to have a tea date 😊

  8. I am always encouraged and inspired by your posts, Liza! Thank you for writing, and for loving and serving the Lord!!

  9. Roommate who's not my roommate anymore...
    I love you and your heart so much. You have no idea the impact that your freedom and compassion have made on my life (and the lives of others). You're a shiny gem and you're better than peanut butter. By a lot. <3 Jesus in you is a really beautiful thing.

  10. Still here, still reading, and still loving your words. :)

  11. Me! I read and love your words. Praying for you- that the truth would set you free every minute, every day. Love, Jane