Monday, June 6, 2016

a hundred photos, a thousand words. {100 days of summer // week one}

Life keeps rolling, and my words to describe this beautiful new exciting season often fail me. But photos don't. This summer is on track to be the most fun and challenging and thrilling of my life, and while it's hard to articulate in writing, I'm finding pictures truly do speak a thousand words.

My new summer initiative is what I'm calling the "100 Days of Summer." The hashtag has already appeared on my instagram, and my goal is share a photo (or two) a day from beginning of June till early September, documenting the adventures as the season unfolds. the captions are straight from my instagram feed as well. follow me [at]liza.morales for real time updates.

june 1st.
I've traveled to over 40 states, lived at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and still this view stops my heart and brings tears to my eyes. (I'm not being dramatic.) This will always always be home, and no matter where I end up, these mountains and this valley and this city will forever hold my childhood and my heart. #blueridgemountains #100daysofsummer #capturethemoment

june 2nd.
humid mornings, summer vibes, shorts and tshirts, and quality time with my favorite wise old grasshopper. #100daysofsummer #porchlife #loveandlife

june 3rd.
randomly running into these two lovelies completely made my day. watching them grow up has been such a joy, and I'm so proud of all they've accomplished and all they will do in the future. keep shining, Dani and Kaitlin, y'all are beautiful inside and out, and no matter how much you grow up, and how famous you become (*wink*) you'll always be my Annies, and I'm so thankful y'all are in my life 💛💛💛💛💛💛 #theatrekidsforlife #castbondingneverends #100daysofsummer

pounding, in-a-flash summer rainstorms, creeping along the interstate, jammin to our song, getting wet, and loving every minute. pc: @c.morali #fightsong #100daysofsummer #homefortheseason
note: and the bestest of Catherines will be home tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about that. #westpointsis @catherinekmorales

june 4th.

birthday games with the best friends and our new favorite twenty-year-old #imaginiff #100daysofsummer #fredsarehere #HAPPYBIRTHDAYMADDIE

june 5th.
another first place tournament championship in the books for this epic goalie and player. love love love watching him play his sport. #bigsisterperks #100daysofsummer

june 6th.
morning FaceTime with the best friend, coffee for days, packing like CRAZY for my trip to St. Croix, and eating the last of my yummy waffle caramel thingys from Christi - happy Monday to me!
moment of truth: this has been a crazily hard two weeks, the hardest yet in this journey post-tour. so many failed opportunities to be love, so much selfishness, so many words I wish could be unsaid. but last night, as I crumpled in tears, Jesus met me at my breaking point and helplessness and showed me a whole new level of peace and freedom. the cloud has lifted, the joy is back, and this much needed vacation may prove to be the best medicine yet.
halleluyah for mercy and grace and PERFECT LOVE and for faithful friends and family who don't leave me in my muck! I'm blessed. so very blessed.
in other news: T-minus 11 hours till the StX adventure begins! #loveandlife #keepwalking #keeploving #100daysofsummer #stxcroixbound #maddieandlizagocrucian

summer reading. makes this big sister's heart proud. #homeschoolers #sisterofbrothers #fouryoungestmorali #100daysofsummer

If you're having trouble putting your heart into words this season, whether it's because of joyful things, challenging circumstances, or changing worlds, I encourage you to start capturing the moment. focus on the little things. and start seeing your life through the lens of a thousand gifts.