Tuesday, January 31, 2017

learning to recognize God's heart

I've been struck by the sheer amount of Scripture I've been seeing in my news feed recently. People who I didn't even know read the Bible have been quoting it...which should get me excited right?

The top two I've been seeing are Leviticus 19:33 and the latter part of Matthew 25.
Leviticus 19 gets me a little riled up, since pulling that verse out of that context is dangerous business and whole kettle of fish and can of wriggling worms that if you don't know your Scripture, promise me, you do NOT want to argue about right now. So I'll leave it.

But I DO want to talk about Matthew 25. I found this beautiful, to be honest. The first part of the chapter is the story of the ten virgins. It puts Jesus in the most intimate role He is to us in our lives - the Bridegroom. Our Beloved. Coming for us with a heart of love and longing to take us to be with Him forever. We are waiting...with our oil lamps lit, all night, waiting and watching for His voice, His footsteps. This is real life folks. He is in love with us. He is longing for us. And our hearts should be YEARNING for Him. Are we waiting, holding our lamps, with our extra oil next to us, faithfully spending the hours anticipating the moment when He is here? Or do we run out of oil, and miss His coming, and are left outside of the marriage feast? It sounds harsh, it wasn't their fault that they forgot extra oil, right? Is that fair? Y'all, the way to Jesus is NARROW. But it's worth it. And it requires work on our part, and a heart for our King and a longing to be pure and holy and ready for Him when He comes. He gives us what we need to follow Him, but we have to be willing to surrender everything in our lives, and go out on a limb of faith and do scary and intense and uncomfortable things.

And THEN it talks about serving the least of these. The weak and helpless, the hungry and sick. After that beautiful picture of what it means to be His pure, spotless, ready and waiting bride.

So before you google "refugee scripture" and copy and paste the google result in your news feed and hit post...ask yourself if you're ready to answer to Jesus Christ Himself. Do you truly care about His heart, not just for refugees, but for YOU? Do you know how much you mean to Him? And are you ready and willing to set aside all that the world would do to muddy our white linen wedding gown and go down that narrow way? Because I promise you, when you've truly let Jesus into your heart, you will understand what He's calling us to in regards to foreigners, and our own neighbors.

We were made to hold a fire. To burn with passion for Something. To overflow with an aggressive and proactive love that comes from being possessed and gripped by the Holy Spirit of God.

If you aren't filled with that burning love, you're filled with something else. Lust. Hate. Fear. If you aren't willing to lay aside knowledge to follow the wisdom of God, there's way more at stake than the plight of refugees. In fact, I bet a lot of them would love to be here to be physically safe, but in their hearts they are eternally safe and even in their pain and fear, know where their true salvation lies. And it for sure ain't DJ Trump. Let's learn from them, and from Christ Himself, and instead of throwing God's words in His face, let's show Him that we understand His HEART.

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