Thursday, February 23, 2017

telling our story // 01. the intro

so, dearest blog world. I have failed to write anything about our relationship, pretty much from the day it started, and now I'm four months married, and we've already been through the real life experience of losing a child, and the past 16 months have held enough stories and experiences to last a life time. over the next month, I'm going to attempt to chronicle our story, completely with photos, and share the testimony that we've been given.

to start this off, I want you to know why I'm sharing this.

Even though bloggers and instagrammers and social media "sharers" (like myself) sometimes feel pressured, or even obligated to share their personal love stories with the world, I know that's not required. I'm not sharing because I owe it to anyone, or because I have some beautiful inspirational tale to add to the halls of courtship stories of the interwebs. I love reading a good love story, and I know y'all are itching for ours (and it's a doozy, and if I were you, heck I'd be CURIOUS), but do know that I am not sharing this as some kind of example, or as a trophy to hold up and say, "hey we did it right!" I'm sharing because I know the Lord gives testimonies for us to proclaim His faithfulness, and sometimes we know to keep silent, and sometimes we know it's time to speak.

I have gone through a season of silence on this blog, and on social media, and it nearly killed me. In fact, in many ways, I did die to myself, over and over again, during the essentially forced quiet that taught me so much about what was truly important, and putting life and others first, even if I didn't understand. That year of silence covered up a lot of pain and confusion that may have come out in words I would regret later, or attitudes that I honestly don't want recorded for all posterity.

But I'm a year and a half older, wiser, and gentler. I have a new perspective on our story that I wouldn't have had if I had written it in the moment. And while those emotions might seem like they've faded, I remember it like it was yesterday, and I know that whatever the Lord wants me to write, He will bring to remembrance.

Right now, as I'm gearing to begin articulating the messy, beautiful, intense, romantic story of how I became Mrs. Joshua, I'm profoundly thankful that the predominate emotion in my soul these days is JOY. These are truly the best years of my life that I'm about to disclose, with the best adventures, the most exciting moments, the deepest emotions, and the most incredible people I've ever encountered. It's a REAL LIFE story, not a fairy tale by any means, and I pray that in our moments and our ups and downs and our mistakes and victories, you'll see a bit of yourself, and a whole lot of Jesus, and you'll have hope that He can use anyone and take anything to showcase His glory.

We are living proof that He works miracles, and we invite you to come, taste and see that He is truly good.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. - Ecc. 3:11

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